13 Dalton Square Student Accommodation Lancashire
A previous application for a six-storey building was deemed too tall for the area

Controversial Lancaster student scheme approved

Chloé Vaughan

A former cinema is to be demolished and turned into a 28-unit student housing scheme, after plans were approved by Lancaster City Council.

The scheme comprises a four-storey building at 13 Dalton Square. Approval was subject to a change in conditions related to improving energy efficiency, and adding security measures such as gates, CCTV and external lighting.

The developer and applicant, a private individual named as Inayat Munshi, based in Lancaster, has other student housing interests in the city, including 6 Villas Court.

The application drew criticism from local residents last week when plans were revealed. Among the concerns expressed were that there is already an oversupply of student accommodation in Lancaster, and that one of the city’s heritage buildings should not be demolished.

The scheme is designed by Harrison Pitt Architects.

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Not more student accommodation.lancaster no longer a city, but student campus. More disruption on one-way sistem.

By R stirzaker

Excellent decision, Common sense prevails. Good job Lancaster City Council

By Jonathan Dane

This project seems mu h to large, well tall, for where it is situated and the buildings it is next to. Ir will ruin Dalton square which is a delightful environment

By Caroline Cattermole

Absolutely ridiculous, they have systematically taken the soul out of Lancaster. More and more buildings are being lost for student accommodation, set to satisfy greedy landlords and take the character out of this beautiful city.

By Anonymous

It was stated a while ago that the student accommodation situation had reached saturation point. Yet this gets approved. The council is corrupt.

By Arthur Walker

More rate free accommodation for the landlord
what is wrong with all the accommodation at the uni?Every where you look in the city is student
Accommodation enough is enough

By G.How

A derelict, crumbling empty building which is presently accommodated by undesirable pests will once again come back to use for human beings. Yes, students are humans, our kids, and part of the future. Those complaining this will be a blight on the beautiful Dalton Square are requested to check the plans. The building will not be seen from Dalton Square. It will massively improve Mary street where its frontage will be situated.

Yes, there is an oversupply of student accommodation. However, the outskirts of the City will be where students rent will feel the pinch most. Hopefully, these properties will revert to families which they were meant.

These developments are bringing life back into the City which is in serious decline due to retailers feeling the pinch from internet boom.

By Anonymous

Of cause they are going to be passed that’s all they do now in lancaster build students accommodation . They are ruining the history of the city

By K Whalley

Of all the student builds this is the least offensive. The ‘cinema has been derelict for years, and only a handful of people know it exists. 6 Villas Court is a well designed modern house . If you want to complain have a go at the enormous stranded cruise liner and the destruction of most of the listed buildings at King St /Penny St.junction.Grrr

By Bryan Sadler