Barton Road Hotel
Hampton by Hilton is lined up to operate the hotel close to the Trafford Centre

Contested Trafford hotel heads to committee

Neil Tague

A nine-storey Hampton by Hilton hotel close to the Trafford Centre could be given the green light next week in the face of several objections from Peel L&P.

In April, Trafford Council’s planning officers recommended approval for the hotel at junction 9 of the M60, known as Lostock Circle. The proposal comes from Blackpool-based Create, which has an agreement in place with the operator. The application was deferred in April to a later committee date.

Objections have flowed steadily throughout this year from both Peel L&P and, up until it went into administration, the Intu shopping centre operator in which Peel was a key shareholder. The parties have argued at various points that other sites in the area would be more appropriate.

The 12,600 sq ft property put forward by Create would cover one fifth of the overall site, with the remainder given over largely to a 127-space car park. 

AEW Architects has designed the development, which would be close to the existing Circle Court apartment building owned by Trafford Housing Trust. Iceni Projects is planning consultant on the scheme.

Between February and May, Intu filed five objections, mostly through Barton Willmore and mostly stemming from its belief that the proposal failed the sequential approach to site selection; this was ramped up in its fifth communication on 7 May, when law firm DAC Beachcroft asked Trafford to commission an independent review of the application, particularly the town centre statement, also taking on board objections.

Peel made representations in March and April, also on the sequential test, putting forward as an example a site within its own Trafford Waters holding with outline consent for a hotel of up to 300 rooms, which it said would be more accessible to transport modes other than private car.

Last week, the business made a further representation, repeating its views and disagreeing with a report by Nexus, the council’s retained consultant, which has examined all the sites concerned.

According to documents prepared for committee, “Nexus has considered all the identified sites within the area of search within or at the edge of centre or potentially well connected in respect of their relationship to a defined centre and it is concluded that none of these sites are both available and suitable to accommodate the proposed development.”

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I mean it’s just s**t isn’t it?

Looks like it has been designed on Minecraft.

By Observer

Has anyone thought about the traffic chaos that this hotel will cause! Right on the M60. Lostock circle is always congested with traffic, Canterbury Rd estate and Kingsway estate and school will be caught in this and with the congestion at Retail park there will be no way out of this estate in a bit, but the people passing all these plans obviously do not live round here so do not care!!Lets see what traffic is like tomorrow Sept 3rd when Aldi opens, where are the filter roads here that planning dept people assured us would be made. It’s all a joke round here anything is passed why have we a planning dept at all.

By Maureen Dickinson

Almost as ugly as the Red Rock in Stockport.

By Anonymous

The standard of modern architecture really is low

By Anonymous

This area is an Air Pollution hotspot. As TMBC have said in the past , you can’t control the traffic or the pollution on the M60, so why would anyone of sound mind want to add to it?

By Peter Bagnall

Peel holdings moaning. we can’t have the PEEL LOT moaning can we .. So is this hotel going in front of circle court block of flats on that large car park facing the petrol station.

By Born bred Darren.

The standard is low because land is overpriced in this country, and British people don’t appreciate architecture anyway.

By Dan

Oh my word there are several schools in this area,(3 right near it) high pollution and it isn’t needed. The council is wrong to agree to this eyesore

By G Barnett

I see local residents are out in full force in the comments section here. How much traffic does a hotel cause really? The majority this hotel’s business will be at the weekends or on match days, you know, when the schools aren’t in.

“Place North West: For property and regeneration professionals” – why do we allow residents to hijack the comments section?

By Big Dub

Look on the architects website….go on, look on the website and then decide whether they’re up to the job. Illiterate nonsense that should not be given planning permission. Nothing wrong with a hotel, just the lowest common denominator design. Gives architects and contemporary design a very bad name. The people who designed this cant even see that it’s hopeless though. Although, its Trafford Planners who are just as bad, they wouldn’t know good design if it hit them on the heed.

By anonymous

I always find it interesting that everyone wants to comment on the ‘poor design’ of hotels, but likely wants to pay less than £50 a night for a room. Just utilitarian design really, no worse than the HI Express nearby?

By GrumpySalfordian