Symmetry Park Wigan Illustrative View
DB Symmetry's schemes in the North West include 1.4m sq ft of warehouses in Wigan

Consultation launched for Symmetry Park Wigan

DB Symmetry intends to build out up to 1.44m sq ft of logistics space at a former colliery site close to junction 25 of the M6, and will hold public sessions this month ahead of a planning application.

The land is south of Winstanley, and would be accessed from a new roundabout on the A49 Warrington Road. DB Symmetry said that the scheme could deliver up to 1,650 jobs for Wigan, adding that a recently published employment land position statement highlighted a shortage of employment sites in the borough.

Andrew Dickman, managing director of the developer, said: “These are exciting times for Wigan, with the advent of HS2 and the council’s ambitious plans to grow the local economy and revitalise the town centre.

“New employment sites like Symmetry Park Wigan will mean that the town gets its share of Greater Manchester’s economic growth and can provide jobs for people closer to home.

“We have chosen this site due to its direct access to the M6, meaning logistics vehicles do not need to pass through residential areas. It could provide high quality jobs and apprenticeships for people across Wigan which will create lasting benefits for the local economy.”

The site is currently agricultural land and although classed as Green Belt, is identified in the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework as part of a proposed employment site allocation.

DB Symmetry said that a “substantial” green buffer to the north of the site provides a natural barrier with residential areas, while extensive landscaping would screen the development. New rights of way around the site would be implemented to maintain recreational routes.

The developer said that if built out in full, the project would represent a construction investment of £73m into Wigan and add £3m a year in business rates payments towards the council’s income.

Two drop-in consultation events will be held in May: on Thursday 24 May between 4pm and 8pm at St Aidan’s Parish Centre, and on Friday 25 May between 5.30pm and 8pm at Deanery High School.

A planning application is expected to be lodged this summer, with a decision from Wigan Council likely before the end of the year.

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That vast amount of greenbelt land that will be destroyed is not worth that proposed amount of new jobs in question, and I’ve no doubt the majority of those jobs will be filled by those from outside Wigan. The council will then claim that there’s a demand for new housing due to these jobs which will be built on more greenbelt. Other than the negative impact on the environment, noise levels on residents, increase in already busy traffic in the area and on the M6, what benefits are there other than Wigan councillors benefitting for receiving backhanders for allowing this grey wasteland to be built?

By Angry resident

Disgraceful that wigan council is even thinking about this absurd application winstanley is one of the less paluted areas of wigan which is already named as one of the most palluted towns in the country by the world health organisation and to have hundreds of heavy goods rolling in 24 seven is hardly going to help people with chest and lung disease not to mention the increase of asthma in young people. Junction 25 is already gridlocked and the recent changes to the traffic system at holmes house avenue and poolstock lane causing problems with frustrated drivers speeding down warrington road and drivers from all sides jumping red lights what more misery can wigan inflict on the already over populated area of winstanley.

By Barrie Boyer

Its not Green Belt land its Brownfield land, a former colliery. The southern site which is Green Belt has already been zoned for development.

By Watcherzero

Understand about the job situation, but i would think that wigan council need to sort the traffic congestion situation out in and around wigan, traffic lights are meant to help traffic not keep them in Wigan and congest the town, but still council do whatever they want any way so the site will go ahead no matter what residence think

By Angry car user

This is desperate stuff from Wigan. Is this all they can aim for? Destroy their Green Belt for a few low-skilled jobs in a shed next to a motorway junction? Shame on them. Looks very similar to the proposals for Parkside on Green Belt in the south of the borough

By Peter Black

Let’s be honest here…the abject failure of these labour councils (they’re always labour) to attract and support any real industry in the last forty years has resulted in the planned mass sell-off of land for tin-pot industries in tin-pot sheds that will employ less people per square meter than just about any other industry apart from forestry or farming.

By LLoyd Hitchmough

This scenario has just happened in Haydock, St Helens, just off the east lancs road at Florida Farm North. A totally inappropriate build in the form of massive sheds given the go ahead to be built on Greenbelt near to residential areas. I wish all of the residents of this so called “proposed build” all the very best if they decide to oppose it. A company like this would not be holding consultations with the
Public if they were not sure that they would get planning permission. Do a FOI to the council asking how many meetings have already taken place with their planning department/ councillors? Residents opposing this will soon get to know what they are up against but saying that I am sure that they already do know. A final thought, Isn’t the shed that Asda used to use still standing empty? That is what will happen here it will be built used for a few years and then abandoned with the local residents having to pick up the pieces.

By Good luck to the residents