Central Drive Masterplan
Central Drive forms part of the masterplan

Community masterplan delivered for Blackpool neighbourhood

Dan Whelan

The council has created a 25-year vision for the Revoe area of Blackpool, to improve the neighbourhood and rejuvenate areas including Central Drive and Library Square. 

The plan has been submitted by masterplanner GL Hearn to the council for sign-off.

Revoelution, a residents committee formed to drive regeneration in Revoe, supported the creation of the masterplan.

Improvements to existing housing stock and a boost to connectivity through the creation of green routes are among the proposals.

Tree planting and new paving are aimed at revamping the street scene along with the creation of spaces for community initiatives. 

A study, conducted last year by the Ministery of Housing, Communities & Local Government, found that Central Drive was the second most deprived community in the country, based on factors including income, employment, crime, education, health, housing, and local environment. 

The Government data showed that eight out of the top 10 most deprived areas in England were Blackpool neighbourhoods. The town is now subject to a number of regeneration proposals. 

Central Drive Masterplan 2

A £100m town centre regeneration plan for Blackpool is underway and other large-scale schemes are on the drawing board. 

Work on the second phase of the mixed-use Talbot Gateway started this month, led by the council’s development partner Muse with Robertson Construction Group as the main contractor. 

Earlier this year, the council sold a 17-acre plot of land at map pinBlackpool Central to a joint venture between regeneration company Nikal and Media Invest Entertainment, enabling work to start on a £300m leisure masterplan for the area to include the UK’s first “flying theatre”, a virtual reality entertainment zone. 

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A 25-year vision which should have begun 25 years ago.

By Jonathan Legear

We are tired of the chants of injustice from the Liverpudlians. Seasiders have been ignored for years.It is time to go to work and regenerate everywhere else that genuinely does need it.

By Anonymous

Great news but the fenestration is awful. Perhaps grants could be in place to sort this?

By Acelius

Tonnes of potential in Blackpool, but the pace of change is glacial. Leadership and senior officers at the council need a word with themselves.

By Sceptical

Very sad to see the comments from anonymous….good luck to Blackpool it needs assistance as do other deprived northern towns and cities …..we need to argue our case to government together as we have much in common ….fighting each other divides and weakens our case . So let’s fight for a bigger cake for us all

By George

I wish Blackpool every success! We need a bridge from Southport to Lytham and Blackpool to connect the whole coastal area and create connected prosperous communities. I think Preston may be plotting one to link the M55 with the new Penwortham bypass, that’ll be a good start. Good luck with these projects Blackpool.

By Liverpudlian

Heard all this before

By Aubrey Horne

Liverpudlian @ We need to build a bridge between Lytham and Southport .. direct route over the Ribble estuary is 7miles .

By Darren born and bred in Salford

Hooray. I’ve moaned so much about the embarrassment of Central Drive and it looked awful on the local news recently. I won’t be around in 25 years but hope it pleases everybody.

By Shirley Cain

It’s about time that area got a boost as it looks depressing and very run down.

By John

Very sad to old King Edward going. Maybe turn the building into posh flats and demolish the ugly buildings around the pub instead. Again this hasn’t been thought through properly.

By Deb

About time the surrounding areas had some kind of development looks like a shanty town some parts of it , as, much as we love the promenade and the revenue it brings into the town , its time the residents got some of the revenue it produces put back into improvements

By Frank Keefe

Its the whole culture that need help to change, not just fanciful streetscenes and stupid sculptures. More business investment opportunities, which will create more decent paid jobs. To help those in deprevatuon feel valued again through worthwhile employment. Less spend on ‘master plans’ more on making Blackpool clean, tidy, safe and tat free. The council need to gaurd against ruthless landlords, commercial and residential, who make the town look desolate and unkempt. These fancy plans are created by people who have absolutely no idea what its like to have no money, no job, live in shoddy social housing, no car, no holidays, have to wear cheap second hand clothes and rely on food banks, and yet long to be useful to society.

By Wishful thinking

Maybe they need to look a little further round Blackpool – most of South Shore needs help but ignored as usual

By Simmo

We are tired of trolling comments made by one odd Wythenshawe based man, more like. No one in or around Blackpool refers to themselves as a “Seasider”.

Than ever hold such daft hostility to its neighbour, Blackpudlians would be rather more likely to recall the illogical decision to not award them the super casino and gift it to east Manchester (which never progressed due to a stubborn refusal to accept the illegal decision), or think about Preston’s Football Museum long since asset stripped to fill the Urbis white elephant.

If they were so inclined. Instead, I rather think the exclusive thought is about returning the place they live in to something more liveable.

By Mike

Leave the Ribble Estuary alone. The Guild Bridge across the Ribble connecting into the Penwortham bypass and the A59/A582 has been on the books for years – I believe from the days of the Central Lancashire New Town. It would join the Preston Western Distributor Road, due to open in 2023, and the planned conversion of the A582 between Penwortham and Cuerden into a dual carriageway.

By Bob Robinson

Would it be easier and cheaper to pull all the decrepit buildings down and build new eco homes and shops. Let’s be honest the whole of Central Drive is scruffy.

By George

Maybe things would be moving a tad faster if bpool council didnt pay a fake charity thousands of pounds to deal with the homeless instead of dealing with the problem themselves shocking

By Witheld

The council have created this deprived area.now they say they have got a 25 year plan .sounds about right for blackpool council

By Alan lydiate

Blackpool Town centre is an embarrassing dump full of trampy people and beggars

By Jo

A bridge between Lytham and Southport? They couldn’t even make a hovercraft service work.

By Jonathan Legear

It’s 25 miles from the plough roundabout in Southport to saltcoates road in Lytham, and approx 5 with a crossing definitely a scheme that needs planning, funded and built!

By Anonymous

Give us a post office on Mereside estate.Please.

By Julie wellens

I would suggest reducing the stock of retail units and concentrating on quality rather than junk shops. The rest could be replaced by tastefully designed townhouses.

By Barry McCann

Great news for Blackpool .

By P Badowski

Actually it’s only 1.2 miles from the edge of the mud flats at Banks to just east of Lytham. If we lived in a more advanced and prosperous European country like say Norway or Denmark a bridge would have been built here many years ago. It would link the whole of the Merseyside coastal area 1.5 million people, much more quickly to the populous Fylde area and vice versa. Some 2 million people would benefit from much better connectivity, and this would be a huge boost for Blackpool and the North West. It would bring economic synergy and faster growth. A bridge from the M55 to the Penwortham bypass is much more likely in the short term. This will cut journey times by up to half an hour, but the real visionary economic game changer would be Banks to Lytham.

By Liverpudlian

It’s a great start – and far better than i was expecting. Thoughtful public realm can be truly transformative.

Re road from Lytham to Banks. Well, as i write, the Preston Western distributer road is being built from the M55 to Lea in west Preston. I’m sure a bridge from Lea to Penwortham will be the next option and plan.

The question with a Banks to Lytham road is that the road in the latter would probably have to go through the Lytham Green. I can’t see this being popular.

The two seaside towns did have a hovercraft services at one time. Perhaps a light rail tourist attraction might be better and less damaging but can’t see the two towns being linked anytime soon.


When is it going to be safe to walk in Blackpool if it’s gone dark and its only 5 or 6 early evening! ! !

By Geraldo

I can just see the honest burghers of leafy Lytham hyperventilating at the thought of an easy access route for the Scousers, it is a great idea and long overdue though.

By ray

Tunnel, not bridge. More doable, more integratable, and leaves the nature to nature.

By Mike

I am Blackpool born & bred with a parent born & bred here too. I am so excited by all the plans. Whatever anyone says about it all, I’m just grateful we’re moving forward, not backwards.

Once done, it’s time for the people living here to give themselves a head wobble & see the bigger picture, those unfortunate need to accept the help from amazing services like Rennaissance and Horizon and get clean, so they have a chance of these new jobs being created. We need civic pride back in our town, remember it’s not the town that is the issue, it’s the people within it………

By Tracey Clarke

Great stuff!

By Steve Gomersall