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Padoq's Mike Anderson, left, with Jonathan Tizard of Vita Student

COMMENT | Introducing Padoq, the branded app developer

Padoq Logo Your Own Branded App Black Background (1)The Manchester-based tech company works with companies such as Vita Student and Urbanbubble to create branded apps that engage tenants and support building management.

With a focus on engagement and rich functionality, Padoq’s initial audience was community groups – who spent large amounts time using multiple tools to manage effectively, a very small part of their lives.

Padoq was also keen for its apps to provide a safe haven from data repurposing, when people’s data is used for totally different purposes to what was originally intended – an issue that is becoming more prominent as the years go on.

First-hand experience through its own app-building process provided yet another problem that Padoq set to solve; around the cost and time for organisations to get a mobile app to market. By building branded apps with the tried and tested Padoq app as the code base, Padoq soon realised that it could get an app to market for up to 75% less than it would cost using a traditional agency and, even better, it could deploy the app in a matter of weeks.

Additionally, when updates or fixes are required, perhaps due to Android and Apple’s operating systems being updated, Padoq can handle the update centrally and then roll it out across every client’s app. This is what people mean when they use the phrase, ‘work smarter, not harder’.

Since then, Padoq’s branded apps and web platforms have been attracting interest from communities and businesses covering all conceivable sectors of industry and society. Padoq has proven particularly popular within the property industry and given the digital path that this industry now seems to be on, Padoq is destined to become an invaluable asset.

The future of real estate is not commercial or residential, it is mixed-use. There has been a quantum change, and life with all its rhythms and motions, from work to play, will soon populate towns and city centres once again, bringing a period of revitalisation and rejuvenation.

The property industry is now busy looking for the perfect solutions to facilitate this shift and fulfil the increasingly sophisticated customer demand for transparent, efficient, and bespoke services and experiences.

Powerful enabler

Padoq, with its accessible and affordable mobile app development, is perfectly placed to play a central role in this story because its community-focused model promises to be a powerful enabler: property owners can give their tenants exactly what they’re calling for, whilst providing a more efficient way of managing services for the landlord and property management company.

Padoq’s property app platform provides end-to-end tenant and building management support. With the payments, inventory management and contract/document storage & signature functionality within the app, it provides tenants with both a slick onboarding process and an easier way to manage end of tenancy procedure for both the tenant and the landlord.

The app also makes communication between tenant and landlord infinitely easier. Tenants can use the issue reporting tool, submit meter readings, reserve and pay for bookable spaces, such as rooms or parking spots, pay their rent and receive notifications for deliveries or events. The entire suite of functionality is managed from a single administrator dashboard saving additional time and cost. Furthermore, the app can be integrated with existing systems.

Padoq continues to be a big advocate of community engagement and provides this capability to both landlords and tenants through the app platform. Landlords can chat directly and privately to tenants without an interruptive phone call or a knock at the door; they can arrange community events or provide local information. Tenants can create their own groups or communities within the app, which is invaluable as a support network for isolated individuals during the current pandemic.

Padoq has seen its mobile platform work extremely well in the build-to-rent market and it’s been equally successful with student accommodation too. Padoq worked with luxury student accommodation provider, Vita Student, to provide its tech-savvy demographic with an app enabling them to interact with both Vita and their fellow students.

The app is used from the minute students move in, allowing them to onboard themselves quickly and easily. Completing snag lists, benefitting from Vita’s VIP discounts and getting access to amenities in the building make it a highly functional and sticky solution, that users come back to.

Central to the app are the communities, configured to meet Vita Student’s exact requirements. Now Vita can build and manage its own social communities, to suit a range of needs.

For the Vita staff, they have seen a reduction in time spent on admin tasks as students use the app to manage their own services and bookings. Staff have more time to focus on valuable activity.

The overarching goal of Padoq’s property platform is to increase occupancy, improve organisational efficiency and reduce churn for the landlord or property management company, where ‘I hate this place’ is a thing of the past. People don’t want to leave valued neighbours and communities but neither do they expect to spend large amounts of time chasing issues.

The Padoq app means you can just get on with…. well, living!

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