Colliers reassures staff over LLP move

Simon Donohue

Colliers International today reassured staff that its transformation to a Limited Liability Partnership is "purely structural" and will have no impact on the jobs of its 45 employees in Manchester.

Colliers International Property Advisers UK LLP will comprise more than 120 directors of Colliers International and a subsidiary of FirstService.

The restructure, which came into effect on Saturday 1 June, will affect Colliers International's UK offices across England and Scotland, with the exception of its Corporate Solutions and Property Management teams.

Colliers International in Northern Ireland and Ireland will not be affected, nor will its other offices internationally.

Tony Horrell, UK chief executive of Colliers International, said: "The company in the UK has undergone a significant transformation since it was acquired by FirstService a year ago.

"The change in company ownership provided an opportune time for us to change our company status.

"We have recapitalised the UK business and have no debt, we are fully integrated with the global brand and are now well positioned to grow the business in 2013 and beyond.

"We believe this move to LLP will assist with the next stage in the company's growth and help to cement a collegiate, collaborative culture at Colliers International.

"It also allows our senior staff to share in the future successes of the business.

"Many firms within the professional services sector have also chosen to structure their businesses as an LLP and we believe this will make us even more attractive to future recruits."

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Yes and they have all done it for a reason!

By Annie Baines

Yes, the partners can have all of the benefits of a partnership without the personal risks if the firm fails. Also known as having your cake and eating it.

By Anon

I’ll have a slice of that then.

By I want to be a director

Oh yes they really do have their cake and eat it as a lot of them also have it set up that the employees are employed by a management or HR company with a very similar name so if any discrimination, unfair dismissal, tribunals take place the company do not have to declare them in public sector type bids for work/provision of services as the claim is with a separate company employing the employees not the company providing the services – very much cake and eat it! And very sneaky!

By Crafty

crafty – good idea. I shall implement this at my company.

By wannabe crafty