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Chorlton cycleways due on site by end of 2019

Work on the first phase of a £13.5m walking and cycling route from Manchester city centre to Chorlton is set to start later this year, although there have been some changes to the wider plan following responses to a public consultation.

According to Manchester City Council, while 70% of 1,800 responses to the consultation were in support of the scheme, there were concerns received from residents and businesses due to some aspects of the plan.

The Chester Road to Stretford Road part of the route is to be built first, including the creation of a ‘Cyclops’ junction at Royce Road, an orbital cycle route which separates cyclists from traffic. Work is expected to begin before the end of 2019.

The Stretford Road to Seymour Grove section of the route will be progressed to a detailed design stage, with the Brooks Bar junction design subject to a review of its potential impact on the local road network.

Plans for the sections of the route stretching from Seymour Grove to Hardy Lane are to be reviewed, in response to comments received from residents and Chorlton businesses. Work on this part of the route is provisionally due to start in summer 2020.

One-way streets at Ollerton Avenue and Ashley Avenue are to be removed from the plans.

The route is being proposed by Manchester City Council, the One Trafford Partnership, Transport for Greater Manchester and Greater Manchester’s cycling and walking commissioner, with funding from the Greater Manchester Mayor’s challenge fund and the Government’s cycle cities ambition grant.

Cllr Angeliki Stogia, executive member for the environment, planning and transport, said: “The response to the consultation on the proposals for this ambitious new walking and cycling way was huge and it’s great to know that the majority of responses were really positive. This is clearly a project that people want to see and which will support the city’s plan to become carbon neutral by 2038 at the latest.

“Work will now proceed on the first phase of the scheme, which will include a new Cyclops junction. And having listened to what local residents and businesses have had to say, there are parts of the original scheme which we will now revisit, in order to ensure that this is a route which works for the whole community.”

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I’m a resident you can actually see my house from this artist impression I never got a questionnaire about this

By Margaret

Not sure any of those roads are in Chorlton

By Voice of reason

@Voice of reason
yeah, Oxford Road isn’t in Oxford either. Jesus, some people…

By Bill

Another load of waffol swept under the carpet I live in chorlton and I had no information prior to thumbs up one law for them and no law for us ☹️

By Anonymous

@Voice of Reason – most stops on the Bury met line aren’t in Bury either.

By daveboi

Well actually all the stops from Bowker Vale to Bury are in Bury if you want to be pedantic. That does look like Stretford road in Hulme, or is Hulme being flogged as Chorlton cum Greenheys these days.

By Elephant

@Elephant it’s know as the Chorlton Cycleway because it goes to Chorlton!!

By Bill

The cycle lane is proposed between Chorlton and the City Centre – one would assume this would also need to go through Hulme, hence the image which is at the Royce Road junction with Chorlton Road.

By Think

@Anonymous – Do you get a leaflet everytime a junction is reworked or when they add a pedestrian crossing?
Enough of this ‘them’ and ‘us’ mentality, the cycle lanes are not being built for existing cyclist. The point is to enable those who want to cycle but are currently scared.

By Aaron

Although it is against the law, most cyclists in Chorlton Do Not use the current cycle lanes. They ride on the pavement and go through red lights. Unlike motorists, they do not pay Road tax, MOT or insurance and do not abide by the laws of the road. Of course there are din conscientious cyclists who deserve to benefit from this multi million pound investment, however there are already cycle paths in place and as I pointed out earlier, the vast majority of cyclists go not use them. Just saying….

By Cycopaths

Cycopaths – cyclists probably don’t use the cycle lanes because a) they don’t exist yet and b) motorists like to park their cars in them (illegally). Also, seeing as we’re talking about road users breaking the law, I can’t tell you how many motorists I see using their phone while driving, running red lights, running through zebra crossings while pedestrians are using it, driving over the speed limit… Let’s not forget that motorists cause many many more casualities and deaths per day than cyclists. The menace on the road is not cyclists, it’s motorists.

By Anonymous

Safe demarcated and separate Cyclopaths we need.
Great !
But Where to see plans folks….??

By Jon Carey

I would do filthy, filthy things to understand why folk like Cycopaths even open their mouths. It would pain me to speak about something and be so uninformed, have a little self respect.

By daveboi

@Cycopaths – No motorist pays Road Tax. We pay a tax on the emissions our cars produce. Its also not against the law to not use a cycle lane. And really? all motorists are Saints?

By Anonymous