Cheshire West publishes new tree order map

The Cheshire nimby set has a new online tool to help further their cause – an interactive map showing details such as tree preservation order locations.

Cheshire West & Chester Council said it launched the new resource to celebrate National Tree Week – 24 November to 2 December.

You can find out if a tree in a garden has a Preservation Order and whether you live in a conservation area. There is also the option to view with aerial photographs, by map or street view.

Go to for general information including contacts or here for the detailed searchable map

In addition, the Council has completed phase one of a review of Tree Preservation Orders in the borough, bringing together systems from the three former districts. This has been set up electronically, so that all applications for works to trees are accessible via the on-line planning system.

There are approximately 1,090 confirmed Tree Preservation Orders and an application to carry out works to a protected tree normally takes up to eight weeks to decide.

In 2011/12 there were 521 tree works applications processed, each requiring a site visit and many needing discussions with owners or agents, followed by a letter of Tree Preservation Order Permission with conditions (333) or Conservation Area Consent (188) to be prepared and sent out.

There are around 91 Conservation Areas in the borough with 60 being in the old Chester District. Trees growing in Conservation Areas have the same general protection afforded as a Tree Preservation Order would confer and therefore works to trees in Conservation Areas are subject to the same planning rules ie a planning application must be submitted prior to works being undertaken.

The Council has up to six weeks to decide whether the proposal is acceptable, in which case it would consent the works. If the tree is worthy of protection and the works are considered unreasonable, a Tree Preservation Order could be made to establish control over tree work operations.

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A somewhat bias and politically angled opening paragraph for this article. Do you not like trees?! The idea is simply to make publicly available information easily accessible while celebrating our environment and in particular our VIP trees. Shame on you! If I want bias news I woudl read Murcochs papers…

By envrioman