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Cheshire East sets out Macclesfield masterplan

Charlie Schouten

The council’s vision for the town centre has advanced with its final draft setting out seven core areas featuring development opportunities in offices, retail, and housing.

Following a consultation earlier this year, the strategic framework for Macclesfield outlines a series of development opportunities around the town centre, with the council looking to attract new developers to the town to bring forward a series of schemes.

Around Chestergate at the town’s historic core, the vision is to refurbish and repurpose existing buildings, primarily for housing; neighbouring plots around Jordangate are also targeted for redevelopment, with the masterplan outlining “aspirations for the modernisation” of the existing Jordangate car park.

Around the railway station, which the report states “does not currently create a good first impression”, there are ambitions to develop leisure, business, and residential schemes. There is also the potential to provide a plaza at Waters Green and to reinstate public green space around the station.

Meanwhile, the retail core is to see some repurposing and re-use of vacant space for food and drink offerings, with residential on the periphery.

Churchill Way is seen to be a key route through the town and has been earmarked for a “greener boulevard”; the report said this would “enhance first impressions of the town, improve legibility and wayfinding, and reduce car dominance, resulting in pedestrian prioritisation at key junctions”. Infill residential schemes are also among the options here, while consolidation and improvement of car parking is seen as a priority.

Sunderland Street and the Silk Quarter to the south are targeted as mixed-use areas with an ambition to deliver retail, residential, employment, leisure, and night-time economy uses.

Cheshire East’s environment and regeneration overview scrutiny committee is due to examine the final draft of the SRF next week, before it heads to cabinet for final approval later in 2019.

Cheshire East is set to lead on the SRF with roles potentially including land assembly, site preparation, bidding for funding, and engagement with stakeholders.

The SRF also mentions working with existing developers in the town – with Hillcrest, Peaks & Plains, and Huntsmere Construction all namechecked – while a number of national and regional developers are also said to have identified an interest in developing in the town centre.

Some development plans have come forward in Macclesfield, including by Nick Johnson to create an Altrincham-style market in the town’s Picturedrome; plans were also approved last year for a Lidl superstore. However, last summer, developer Ask pulled out of plans to build a cinema and leisure-led project on Churchill Way, citing “ongoing challenges with the food and beverage sector”.

The SRF was prepared by a team of Cushman & Wakefield, WSP, and Open to draw up the vision last year, supported by the Institute of Place Management at MMU.

Cllr Nick Mannion, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for environment and regeneration, said: “This strategic regeneration framework seeks to develop a new vision, strategy and ‘way forward’ to identify development opportunities to deliver jobs and economic growth in Macclesfield town centre.

“The aim is to provide developers and investors with the confidence and certainty needed to bring forward schemes and investment to revitalise Macclesfield.

“The strategic regeneration framework sets out a fresh and re-energised vision for the town centre, focused on its pivotal role as a catalyst for driving forward a more exciting and prosperous future for the whole town. It does so without losing sight of the town’s cherished and important heritage and a strong sense of Macclesfield’s unique character, which are rightly seen as important by local people and visitors.

“We all know that town centres and high streets are facing unprecedented challenges – not least from shifts in people’s shopping and leisure habits – but Cheshire East Council is responding to this with a clear vision and strategy. This will ensure we direct our efforts and resources where they will be most effective and have the greatest impact.”

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A Macclesfield town centre masterplan – not seen a new one of those in a couple of years. And good to see another opportunity to try (and fail) and recreate Altrincham.

By George I think she's got it.

Some one found the book of wishes .hope they find the wand

By Chris t

My first go at pitching for this was 15+ years ago. I’ll give this a wide berth and wait to see if the next version presents less nonsense. Same old from the same old consultants who wouldn’t know deliverability if it knocked on the door delivering a parcel

By Jaded Developer

think we have been here before many times, hope this time the town is improved

By jeremy

Why don’t you turn the old homebase DIY building at LYME GREEN, in to a cinema. It’s got good parking. IF YOU CAN!.

By slater

How much money is being wasted on these consultants with no delivery and very few results. Macclesfield is no longer a town to shop in, its full of charity shops, cafes, restaurants, but very little else.

By Dawn

why focus on such grandiose schemes???….Macclesfield just needs some careful planning to encourage small private retail businesses into the centre..create an interesting market town “feel” and this will then encourage further development..not rocket science and certainly not, as this plan is, unachievable!

By Bill Blackwell

Is this a masterplan that can be delivered? it sounds more like a town planner’s wet dream with no connection to financial reality. The previous plans have been smaller in scale and still failed everytime it came for a developer to actually start spending money. Other than the Lidl and the Picturedrome (that Cheshire East are piggybacking) I’ll believe thr rest when I see it.

By NickW


By Simpson

The station is far away from retail. Will need an interesting “gateway”

By Anon

Have they finally woken up after being in denial that retail is dying so it’s time to make the token centre a hub of actually living – accommodation – network working spaces – work ship spaces – walking – green and active spaces ?

By Goodman

This is very interesting wish I could understand it a bit better though

By History 1o1