Knutsford Longridge Land Disposal July 2018

Cheshire East mulls disposal of Knutsford playing fields

Cheshire East Council has started a second round of consultation on plans to dispose of two plots of designated open space in Knutsford, which could enable the construction of up to 225 new homes in the area.

The largest, 6.6-acre public open space, is currently used as playing fields next to Booths Mere, off North Downs, and is being proposed for disposal to allow the redevelopment of a site off Longridge.

The playing field would be used as an access point for any potential redevelopment of the site, which has the capacity for around 225 homes.

A consultation was held on the plans to dispose of the smaller parcel of land fronting Longridge, with 85% of respondents indicating they had no objection to the disposal.

However, feedback on the disposal of the larger parcel of land, encompassing the playing fields, has so far been negative with 151 objections put forward to the council.

A second consultation process has now been launched, running for 28 days, to allow the public to feed back on proposals to dispose of the playing fields.

Cheshire East said any public land lost due to the development would be accommodated within the scheme, and as a result, no public space would be lost. The proposed development is set to feature 20 acres of public open space.

Consultation responses can be sent to

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Negative….I’ll keep it simple without swearing……!!!
Get bad land built on first!!!there is money in the builds or nobody will build. …so make them work for it, then in the event of a war we still have land we can use for agricultural use….no brainer?

By Ben evans

This is madness. Knutsford is already bursting at the seams. It was never designed for the amount of traffic and parking. What is needed is a new Knutsford town, a few miles away and preferably nearer the motorway junction. Far more houses could be build at much lower cost, without the major upheaval of tearing Knutsford apart to upgrade it’s infrastructure and services to cope with the expansion.

By aji

I’m going to take a punt here…possibility of significant money coming in, land near existing social housing rather than wealthy well-connected residents…cha ching!

By Nordyne

What about schools, medical facilities, water, sewage, parking in the town. Any build Must include for all the facilities noted above.

By Fred Webster

The country is full, no more houses. France has the same population but is twice the size, we should have half as many people,

By Tor

@Tor yeah cause that’s how it works

By Anonymous

Off you go then Tor

By Nordyne