North West Crewe Package
The roads package proposes a spine road travelling north from Crewe, with an east-west link

Cheshire East explores CPO for Crewe road scheme

The council is seeking permission to use compulsory purchase orders to acquire 56 acres of land to bring forward the North West Crewe package, a £36.5m infrastructure project to open up development sites for 1,350 homes.

Cheshire East Council’s cabinet is to study a report from its planners that moots several CPOs to acquire a total of 39 plots of land needed to bring forward the scheme, should agreements with individual landowners not be possible. 

However, the report states that CPOs would only be used as a “last resort”. 

“[The] council needs to ensure it has the ability to use [CPOs] if it considers that it may not be possible to agree official terms for the acquisition of all the remaining interests in the land required to facilitate construction of the scheme,” the report said.  

North West Crewe package includes a north-south spine road from Crewe up towards the Greater Manchester connurbation, including the construction of a new A530 road linking Smithy Lane, Minshull New Road and Middlewich Road

It also proposes the realignment of Smithy Lane, an east-west link road from the A530 to the spine road and a series of junction improvements.

The roads are intended to open up two sites earmarked for homes. These are, Leighton West, which is earmarked to provide 850 homes, and Leighton, to provide a further 500. 

The two sites are known on the Cheshire East Local Plan as Sites 4 and 5. Some 400 of the homes are to be delivered by Torus in partnership with Mulbury.  

The current programme is for the main works to start in early 2021, with an estimated 24-month construction period and negotiations with more than 125 landowners are ongoing. 

Cheshire East cabinet is to discuss the plans at its meeting on 5 May.



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Enough is enough. We’re gridlocked as is. Build your houses outside our area for a change. We can’t take any more traffic. The towns dead. The schools are at breaking point and the roads and Infrastructure are sub standard. Get real and give our area a break.

By Chris cain

A bit like the CREWE town centre developement, 10 years waiting for it too start! And they have the gall to ask if they can build tbe houses BEFORE it starts!!!

By Nev Jack

Here we go again with more backhanders !
Where is all the rainfall supposed to go? More floods more misery. When are we going to stand up to these greedy bullies who don’t even have a vested interest in our town !

By Ian Morris

The closure of smithy Lane is madness the traffic at peak times is horrendous we already have the permanent closure of Pyms lane and sunnybank road to to enable any access to mind minshal new road.

By Glenys whelan

How can the council justify compulsory purchase orders when Bentley was allowed to close Pymms Lane? It seems Bentley and housing developers are allowed to do pretty much what they like, regardless of how it effects Crewe residents.

By Dave

Don’t need anything private house. Crewe needs social house. Plus understructure needs upgrading. Not just roads, area need Doctors, schools shops community centre.. not the rich making money.

By Stuart Kay

Its all fair and well to be building new roads and houses but what about the hospital, schools doctors. People who buy these new houses are usually from out of town. City people. Most young people can’t afford these “affordable” houses, its ridiculous.

By L

Why can’t you repair the roads we already have before building even more that you can’t maintain!

By Anonymous

We should consider a bigger hospital more gp! people wait 2 weeks for gp appointment.
Crewe is over populated I it is.

By Anonymous

Surely better to complete promised new town centre before embarking on a project of this size .Do you not think enough new houses are being built with no real town centre to shop from?

By Terry Wood