Cheadle Muslim Association Mosque August 2019

Cheadle Mosque redesigned by Four Architects

Charlie Schouten

Amended plans have been put forward for a new home for the Cheadle Mosque and Community Centre after previous designs were found to be “incredibly difficult to build”.

The Green Belt site on Wilmslow Road has been used as a mosque since the Cheadle Masjid [CMA] acquired it in 2004; the CMA has been attempting to redevelop existing buildings for some time to bring forward a new place of worship, given concerns with overcrowding and cramped conditions at peak worship times.

Initial plans were put forward for an extension but these were subsequently withdrawn; Zendium Design Architects were then instructed to draw up new-build plans, and these were approved in November 2017.

However, when Four Architects were instructed to take the design to RIBA stage four, several elements of the building were found to be “incredibly difficult to build in addition to being rather expensive”, according to the architect.

These included protruding windows, which created buildability issues; a “space hungry” main hall; and an “extremely large rooflight”, which is described as being “difficult to fabricate” with the cost “better utilised elsewhere in the development”.

A curving feature wall was also identified for removal to save “significant cost”.

As a result, a fresh planning application for the site has now been submitted following a redesign by the architect; this features a more efficient layout and minimisation of dead spaces, as well as a change to brick cladding.

The building’s position has been specifically designed so the prayer hall sits in the direction of Mecca, but the building’s position and footprint has not increased.

The professional team also includes planner Paul Butler Associates; Zerum; Urban Green; and Hydrock. A main contractor is yet to be appointed.

Cheadle Masjid Old Design

The previous design was found to be “incredibly difficult to build”

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Can it be built on a green belt site?

By Bob Dawson

Why I don’t have any objections to the building I feel it’s in the wrong place and it’s certainly to big. Parking is a big issue in the area especially on a Friday afternoon and it’s on a major junction. At present cars are abandoned all over the place. If it’s going to be a major worshiping place and the car park can’t cope with the extra cars I can’t see it improving the situation.

By Christie Spence

Numbers & traffic is a nightmare! worshippers come from all over Greater Manchester why can this be built to suit increasing numbers & traffic management ie City or Town centre? Not a suburban area.


Totally agree with the previous comments. The roads surrounding this site is an absolute nightmare when it’s peak worship times. People abandon their cars on the pavement and roads running up to this site, with no consideration for the public and other motorists and causes so much congestion.

By Jo LM

Appreciate there may have been cost issues, but the revised design seems to have simultaneously removed the architecture

By Frank Lloyd

Sometimes at my local mosque in Liverpool there is praying in the road due to it being full – worshippers are literally in front of oncoming cars! And there is a bit of cars being just landed anywhere.

By Bob Dawson

Irrespective of any new build the build the current and new mosque is an absolute nightmare for the local road traffic and parking in the area. Despite what CMA say it is attended from far and wide and not welcomed by the local community

By Frankie D