Carrington Allocation
Carrington's allocation in the GMSF, which could host up to 10,000 homes

Carrington link road and Trafford Waters secure council cash

Charlie Schouten

A relief road to support 725 homes in Carrington and Peel’s mixed-use site featuring 3,000 homes and nearly 1m sq ft of commercial space are set to benefit from Trafford’s Housing Infrastructure Fund.

Future Carrington has secured the largest slice of Trafford’s £12m HIF pie at £8.4m; this will be used to support the delivery of a link road through Carrington to enable the development of the project’s first phase.

Part of this is already on site, with the first phase of 212,000 sq ft of industrial space and 725 homes now under way. Overall, Future Carrington is expected to deliver around 6,100 homes and 4.4m sq ft of employment space, having been allocated as Trafford’s largest Green Belt release under the emerging Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

Overall, the relief road is expected to cost £32.8m, with the council looking to secure the remaining funding via external grants and developer contributions; part of the funding will also come from Growth Fund money. The road will include around two-and-a-half miles of single carriageway, linking Banky Lane to the A6144 via Ishwerwood Road.

A detailed plan for the road including a delivery timescale is expected to come to Trafford’s executive later this year.

Peel’s Trafford Waters has also secured HIF money to the tune of £4m to help deliver new junctions at Redclyffe Way and Trafford Way to support the first phase of 350 homes. Peel will be responsible for the delivery of the works, which are expect to cost £6.4m in total, and the developer will provide the remainder of the funding.

Trafford Waters secured outline consent in 2015 for up to 3,000 homes; as much as 1m sq ft of offices, a care home, hotels, and a primary school.

Trafford’s executive is due to sign off the funding packages at a meeting next week. Another bid for HIF money was also made but was unsuccessful; this was a £6.7m bid to support development at Partington Canalside. The council said it was “continuing to seek alternative funding sources” to deliver housing in this area.

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Do Peel do anything out of their own (incredibly wealthy) pocket, or are tax payers supposed to prop up all their profits?

By Anonymous

Asset rich, cash poor!!!!!

By Winston

This has the potential to sever several horseriding, walking and cycling routes if not done with these in mind. Some of the cycle routes are the only safe way of commuting for quite a lot of people, especially a lot of young people accessing the college from Urmston and Flixton. I really hope this doesn’t happen.

By marie convery

What was it GMSF said – we plan to target the North of Manchester with development !!! Reality says the south offers better returns and revenues and we are all going to suffer because of this – this is not about growth just short term profiteering from construction companies who rest heavily on councils shoulders – warehousing does not represent jobs just space for storage and no value adding processes.

By Alan

Are we not bothering with Greenbelt and air quality anymore then? How has this been agreed when it contravenes policies of GMSF?

By Anonymous

“linking Banky Lane to the A6144 via Ishwerwood Road.” – this makes no sense. Banky Lane is already connected to the A6144, as is Isherwood (not Ishwerwood) Road.

In any case, if a new road is built it will be pointless if it doesn’t also bypass Partington. If it’s built then the old Manchester Road and Carrington Lane should be closed completely to through-traffic, or they’ll remain congested and badly polluted with little to no walking and cycling – as is presently the case.

The new developments in Carrington should all be linked by a traffic-free walking and cycling route across the former Shell estate, from Broadway to Isherwood Road. This would enable residents in Partington to access Urmston without using a car, and it would also allow residents of Carrington to walk or cycle to schools and shops in Partington. Unfortunately I have seen no willingness from HIMOR or Peel to make any such commitments. They seem to prefer the status quo – more traffic, more pollution.

By Tom Jeffs

stop this nonsense now

By david byron

This is absolutely disgusting development

By Luke