One Brunswick, Carpenter Investments, P.Planning Docs
L7 Architects, Carpenter’s in-house design, has drawn up the plans. Credit: via planning documents

Carpenter plans distinctive 478-home Liverpool scheme 

Dan Whelan

The developer has lodged an application for One Brunswick, a U-shaped residential development on the site of the infilled Toxteth Dock. 

The 2.4-acre site is located immediately south of Brunswick Dock in Liverpool and is currently used as a surface car park. 

Carpenter Investments proposes creating a 478-apartment development rising from four to 16-storeys. 

L7 Architects, Carpenter’s in-house design, has drawn up the plans. 

The scheme is described by consultant the Planning Studio as “a game-changing piece of architecture that truly brings the concept of placemaking to life”. 

The most eye-catching element of the project, which comprises one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, is a 50,000 sq ft landscaped green roof trial that meanders around the curved form of the building. 

One Brunswick 2, Carpenter Investments, P.Planning Docs

The project features a 50,000 sq ft landscaped green roof trial. Credit: planning documents

In addition, the project features 10,000 sq ft of office space, and 11,000 sq ft of additional commercial space, including a rooftop restaurant. 

Elsewhere off Brunswick Way developer Maro won consent for a 552-apartment project last December. Carpenter’s scheme is also close to Herculaeum Quay, a project that was beset by delays and controversy before eventually being completed last year by a consortium of investors. 

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This will divide opinion, I think.

By Liverpool Romance

Blimey. You can’t accuse them of going for something identikit

By Disgruntled Goat

This looks unbelievable! If only Manchester had some of its developments like this

By Scouser in Manchester

I like it!

My only worry with this type of design is the garden roof will need a lot of maintenance over time. It can get quite windy.

However, nice to see something different.

By Chris

Trying to decide if I fully like this or not, certainly seems a Beatles inspired pathway to the top with that ‘long and winding road’! It certainly better than the previous proposal for the site and definitely unique. This developers previous projects certainly aren’t on this scale or as interesting so will certainly be a nice step up.

By Lerpwl

Looks fantastic. Very unlikely it’ll be built. In that form at least

By Anonymous

Clever styling.

By neil williams

More Balconies love it !!

By J

An imaginative scheme worthy of the waterfront setting , let`s hope there`s more to come in this area, it`s exactly what should be happening near Brunswick station, taking advantage of superb transport links and giving people access to the city centre and beyond.

By Anonymous

Reminds me of parts of the Cote d’Azur and the apartments there.

By Lovepool

This is a fantastic design however I think the narrow minds of LCC will object to this. Hopefully they will prove me wrong and give this the go ahead. It looks amazing

By David

This would have had all the relevant checks now new commissioners are involved so i have every confidence all new developments are financed correctly – this is a new chapter for Liverpool a positive step for investment and why not its a beautiful city

By Anonymous

I’ve been associated with Carpenter for over 15 years and know that they build everything they get approved – they own the their sites, they use their own funds with traditional bank funds, inspire their own in-house architects, have their own build contractors, run their own management company that retains all developments as investments.

They’ve done it consistently in Liverpool (numerous schemes), Stockport, Stoke & Warrington for yonks. Can any other developer match that??

By Have belief!

All great but Liverpool City Council are in the dark ages

By Anonymous

Nice but some similarities to CopenHill, in Copenhagen.


Yup Liverpool Romance, it will divide opinion. Bungalow Mafia on one side and everyone else on the other. plus ça change


Great stuff Liverpool.

By Elephant

The Hulme Crescents, anyone?

By Bob

Dear Lord, distinctive is one thing but this looks like something they built in the 1960s and pulled down in the 1980s. Yuck.

By Aigburther

Wow! fantastic looking scheme, loving the sloping green roof design! I think this is exactly what the area down by the Toxteth docks needs, a bit of eye candy let’s say and something to help start the regeneration of the surrounding area, similar to the situation with Everton’s stadium down the other end of the docks. Let’s just wait and see if it actually gets built or not, hopefully it does!

By Michael H

Well done Alan, looks great.

Also, Herculaneum Quay is not complete.

By Tom Murphy

Looks great a real positive addition to the city . Glad to see something different at last . Hope it goes ahead quickly

By George

Like a bigger version of the bullring :)


Well it’s certainly striking!

Whilst I’m not sure if I like it or not I appreciate the desire to see something different built for a change. This would never be built in Manchester as the race to the bottom (architecturally) continues.

By Observer

Very nice and I hope they start building it soon and the other projects proposed for the growing waterfront.

By On the dock

Of course it wouldn’t it has balconies

By Anonymous

Eat your heart out Manchester


This favours Park Hill Flats in Sheffield or Hulme Crescents.

By Big Hulme

Striking it most certainly is and there is no way this would get signed off in Manchester…or anywhere else for that matter! Architecturally the world has moved on from 1960’s brutalism ,but it is what it is and Liverpool must be grateful for any development it can get at the moment…sigh….

By Nimble Wimble

Hope the developers are genuine. We’ve suffered as a city long enough with cowboys ripping people off

By Anonymous

Mainly positive comments on here, Brunswick has so much potential as a residential and leisure location.
Would be fantastic if a jetty was built for the ferry, near the Chinese restaurant, imagine an early morning commute across to Birkenhead , exhilarating !

By Anonymous

It’s unusual. Boring Lpool planning will never pass it.

By Gunge

Fantastic sunrises and sunsets from the roof garden and great Vista’s of the Welsh mountains and Liverpool bay.

By Bring it on

It looks like One Baltic Square and Parliament Square combined. I’m not sure the rents will keep up to make this profitable for investors, and therefore possible to build. It would certainly be nice to see some more development along the L8 side of the waterfront though

By Rosalba

Really good innovative design creating a mix of flats, so attracting first time buyers, couples, families, single elderly etc to create a community. Shops and workspace mean that you can live where you work and vice versa, and the green space is a really good idea because there isn’t any round here.
Carpenter has a really good track record on development as they are ethical and honest unlike some….! They did the flats on the corner of Myrtle St and Catherine St which are excellent and fit the surroundings sympathetically.
Compare this proposal to the slums in the sky that have sprung up round the Baltic Fleet and the corner of Sefton St and Parliament St. Where would you rather live?


Does it have to be so wilfully ugly? I’m all for different but this is going to age very badly.

By Wirralwanderer

Well it’s certainly has divided opinion alright. Personally I’d just be glad to see anything being built here the way things are at the moment.I’d rather have offices.but if this is all we get for now I suppose it’ll have to do.

By Tufty

At least it’s not all square boxes thankfully

By Anonymous

Horrendous homogeneous block of flats. Completely takes away from our aesthetic. Planners are ruining the city.

By Helen Jones

The plans look amazing what an addition to the city that would be

By M Jackson

Fantastic that Liverpool developments are outside that BOX

By Anonymous

Love the incorporated green space

By Anonymous

All renders of new buildings can be made to look great. If they choose the right brick for this development, for example a brick which does not have a montone texture, has a some character, and they get the pointing right, then I believe this will be a fantastic development to the South docklands.

By Old Hall Street