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A consultation has launched for the 107-apartment building near Piccadilly Station. Credit: via Font Comms

Capital&Centric reveals £28m plans for Piccadilly East apartments

Julia Hatmaker

Ferrous will have 107 homes, a rooftop residents’ gardens, two café-bars and two pocket parks if approved as initially designed.

Capital&Centric has started a consultation on the scheme, which would takeover .4 acres on Chapeltown Street in Manchester.

In addition to the green spaces already planned, Ferrous will have “The Cabin” – a pop-up event space nestled within one of the pocket parks.

Ferrous The Cabin And Outdoor Space, Capital&Centric, P Font Comms

The Cabin and outdoor space at Ferrous. Credit: via Font Comms

Ferrous would sit close to two other projects from the developer: the still-under-construction, 123-apartment Crusader and the Shedkm-designed, 75-apartment Phoenix.

“Piccadilly East is fast becoming a neighbourhood with real personality and we’re chuffed to be bringing forward the next part of the jigsaw with Ferrous,” said Capital&Centric co-founder Tim Heatley.

“Not only will it bring in more residents, it’ll create a place for the community to hang out. The outdoor pocket parks and the Cabin will be the perfect space for a programme of foodie residencies or pop-up community events.

“We really wanted to continue the ethos we established from the get-go at Piccadilly East, with design-led, spacious homes and a proper community vibe where people know their neighbours,” Heatley continued. “It’s been awesome seeing residents get to know each other at the Piccadilly East puppy parties and art battles, and with Ferrous there’s a lot more to come.”

Capital&Centric plans to submit plans for Ferrous to Manchester City Council later this year. You can learn more about Ferrous by going to capitalandcentric.com/ferrous.

Ferrous, Capital&Centric, P Font Comms

The development is valued at £28m. Credit: via Font Comms


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Another shoe box. Where are the balconies?

By John

looks good

By Cal

Nice design. Glad it’s different from Phoenix

By Steve

100 flats on .4 of an acre. Although this scheme isn’t for social housing, it really needs to be looked at as the only option to actually build the social housing required. Your average plot will take say 15 condensed houses per acre. Say they build apartments twice the size of the cc ones to accommodate families, you could get 200 flats an acre or say 150 to make them even bigger, that’s 10 times what you would as houses.

By Tom

I like this. A nice simple design.

By Elephant

Manchester and the city of Salford housing boom continues with lots more appartments. What about sorting out our homeless first.

By Darren Born Bred

Is that one balcony

By Meeseeks

I like! v cool

By Dave Jones

Good to see they have balconies, excellent and needed.

By JohnP

I’m the sure those who’ve just paid a premium for a roof terrace on 8 storey Phoenix will love this 15 storey building 8m away :-(

By Boom

Just a single balcony. Why? What are they playing at? Do residents not deserve a bit of outdoor space?

This is using balconies as ornament to enliven a flat facade and has to be the absolute worst trend in property development and architecture in the city.

By Balcony watch

Where are the balconies on this? What a disgrace.

By Byronic

The cabin looks good, will be nice to see more events and amenities in the area

By Jules

I like how three of the flats have a balcony, which is better than zero. I guess

By Outdoor life

Got to love a ‘pocket park’, i.e. 1 tree.

By Joe

I think there’s four balconies, 3 protruding and one is recessed on the1st image.

By Balcony

Pocket park? What the ? Is that

Those poor souls who have to look at it from there expensive apartments at phoenix.
Been in one, lovely view, or at least it was until they put that grey monolith Infront of it. Glad I choose not to buy one.

It’s got 0 architectural beauty to it, shame as the other buildings do.

I do like the token gesture to street activation though.

By Keith

Yet another development of high rise and probably too expensive apartments in the City Centre. Let’s hope the Manchester City Council have considered all the back up services that will be needed such as sewage and waste emergency services , GPS, schools , car parking ,green space and landscaping etc etc

By Paul Griffiths

The pocket parks
Never heard of anything so ridiculous.They look like break out hubs for smokers .

By Paul Griffiths

Great, and they’ll sell like everything else in Manchester..

By Anonymous

We need taller buildings. Not short boxes

By Anonymous