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The proposed development is Capital & Centric's fourth at Piccadilly East

Capital & Centric acquires Piccadilly site from TfGM

Dan Whelan

The developer is plotting an apartment scheme on a 20,000 sq ft site in Piccadilly East, bordering its Crusader residential mill on Chapeltown Street.

The site was bought by Transport for Greater Manchester to build a Metrolink line, however the site wasn’t required and has been vacant for a number of years.

As well as apartments, the development is set to include amenity space, such as a café-bar and a co-working, as well as a pocket park.

The scheme is Capital & Centric’s fourth at Piccadilly East, alongside Crusader Mill, Phoenix and the Leonardo Hotel, which will complete next year.

Consultation will begin in the coming months with an application expected in the summer.

Adam Higgins, co-founder of Capital & Centric, said: “With this new site we’re bringing more homes butalso the public space that’s so important to making a proper community. We’ve lined up architect Shedkm, who designed Crusader and Phoenix, so expect more of that understated industrial chic.

“We’ve always believed that Piccadilly East is going to be the next big thing in Manchester and that’s why we keep on investing here. The wider regeneration plans for Piccadilly East will also see lots of public and green space with vibrant ground floor activity, so it’s going to be pretty special.”

Last week Capital & Centric announced a joint venture with Kamani property which will see the construction of an apartment complex or hotel in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

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As proved in Ancoats building apartments and hotels do not make an area any safer, all that happens is more victims move to the area, the muggings around Ancoats urban village and New Islington have been shocking, people who have paid a lot of money are scared to go out on foot.

By Dan

@Dan: I’ve been renting in New Islington for the past 3 years and that isn’t my experience at all.

By Frank

Dan – it will make all these people supposedly moving out of London to head up to Manchester at home.

By Oscar

This is a relatively small plot, so i’m guessing it’s going to be pretty tall. Get the consultation/planning in before the residents at Crusader Mill move in and disapprove. Good thinking!

By Steve

Frank, talk to your neighbours, what about the Deliveroo guy outside Murray Mills who was attacked?

By Dan

@Frank: I have also rented Ancoats for the last 3 years, and currently in the process of buying in New Islington. I don’t wish to tempt fate, but I haven been mugged, or seen a mugging, or know anyone that has been mugged. I’m also not scared to go out on foot. In fact, I enjoy walking around the area. Perhaps I, my friends and neighbours have all just been extremely lucky @Dan???

By Mark

“Dan” trolling as per usual. The many people i’ve spoken to whom live in Ancoats and New Islington have never had any problems and all absolutely love it.

By New Wave

Dan, Have to say that although I don’t live there, I visit frequently maybe once per week as some of my best friends live in the area. They have never mentioned not feeling safe, or being worried; plus, I’ve always felt comfortable walking through the area.

By Manc Man

Dan, have been visiting friends round there for years, no problems at all. You need a dose of positivity. It’s a brilliant place to live as is the city centre as a whole. Manchester is incredibly safe compared to many other cities, even other cities we all look up to like Barcelona or Madrid. Yes there will be odd incidents, but the difference compared to 25 years ago is astounding, and that’s why so many people want to live in the city centre and so many developers are building homes to accommodate them. It’s now about forming proper communities and to be fair to developers like Urban Splash, Capital & Centric and deTrafford, that’s exactly what is happening and in my opinion it bodes well.

By Derek

I don’t believe that any of you are honest or live in the area.

By Dan

They’ve hired security in ancoats now due to recent events


Piccadilly East seems to be gathering momentum

By Paul Smith

A ‘pocket park’? Two trees and a litter bin.

By Tony Heyes