Calderpeel Northenden Jan 2019

Calderpeel submits plans for Northenden apartments

Developer Gustav Bonnier and architect Calderpeel have put forward proposals to replace a series of retail and leisure units along Palatine Road with 16 apartments and a ground-floor restaurant.

The proposals are for a plot of land including Grants Bar and other commercial units, next to the Jai Kathmandu restaurant. There are also a number of apartments above each of the units.

The developer is looking to clear the site to make way for a four-storey residential-led mixed-use development, with a 2,500 sq ft leisure or restaurant unit facing Palatine Road at ground floor level. The proposed building will be clad in a mix of grey-buff brick and a darker cladding around the upper floors.

Each of the 16 apartments will have its own car parking space to the rear of the proposed building, while the four apartments on the third floor are set back to provide space for a roof terrace. Each of the apartments are two-beds.

The ground floor unit is being proposed for retail, café, or restaurant space with a terrace-style public realm being proposed.

Under Manchester City Council planning policy, the developer would normally have to designate three of the units as affordable, but an affordable housing statement filed with the planning application argued a commuted sum be paid instead, with a housing association “highly unlikely” to be interested in purchasing or managing the units.

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What an absolute monstrosity. I urge anyone in that area to strongly oppose this eyesore.

By Sermandi Crick

Looks pretty dreadful tbh

By LionelRichTea

Looks like a C and A building.

By Elephant

Need to change the look but I’m all for it!

By Anonymous

Anything instead of that pub that just brings trouble.

By Paul

Why not. It needs something there. Didsbury have the same with marks and Spencer’s underneath.

By Bill

Looks great, just the kind of development needed in the area.

By Anonymous

Great for regeneration of the high street, but it should be designed to fit in with the current infrastructure. It is surrounded by old red brick properties with slate rooves which are typical of the area. It should be designed with that in mind. Not weird grey brick with red cladding?! The new development at the bottom of the town has been designed with red brick.

By Kb

Whilst I think the building is ugly and should be rejected in its current form, I am not appossed to the overall concept if the architect can come up with a better looking overall aspect, and I think at least a third should be made into less than market rent affordable housing, if not no building too many buildings are being built within Manchester without affordable housing, insist on it or let Parkway green take it over and just build housing we do not need more restaurants or takeaways , if they have to have retail outlets make them also affordable for new start up businesses

By Derek Gibson

May not be the most inspirational but the more investment the high street gets the better. As said above, the M&S in Didsbury is no different. Tenancy for the retail / rest unit will be key. Public realm will be key

By Anon

Amazing news! Grants bar is an eye sore now so can’t be worse than that! cafe and leisure facilities just what northenden needs

By Mollie

Northenden needs something like this, the village could be of the same standard of Didsbury if things like this get the go ahead. Very similar to the Didsbury Marks and Spencer. Need to get rid of the scruffy bars.

By Anonymous

Looks good

By Anon

Ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m all for rebuilding on that plot but the front should be sympathetic to the area. It should also be affordable housing.

By Janbo

Housing Association desperate for affordable housing. All 16 should be affordable not 3 and certainly not letting the developers get away with a commuted sum. Discraceful

By Sue Dean

Anyone who designed this and calls themselves an ‘architect’ should really question their integrity. Awful.

By Acelius

It doesn’t fit in with the buildings in the community. A complete eyesore just like the other one on the corner of church road.

By Jenny Walker

The building on the corner of church road and Palantine road is absolutely horrible . The area needs improving no more ugly buildings.

By Mrs drowley

It would be total eyesore it will not bring money into a village thats dying why not make affordable shops to rent to bring business to the village otherwise we will stop our young people buying property to live in northenden

By Linda barker

Northenden needs investment like this. Anyone who says not or an eyesore look at your own ugly house first before commenting on others.

By Awesome

Living almost directly opposite, I’m all for it. Northenden village is in major need of modernising, property like this brings in more young professionals which help stimulate the local economy. You’ll find some local residents will always object to developments in the area though

By Kevinmak

This is terrible and not in keeping with the street at all

By Anonymous

I wholeheartedly support this application, I have a property in Northenden and this will be a huge improvement to the street scene. Seems like Northenden world which is not the forum are a very negative organisation and should be ignored with their very negative comments. I believe most residents will support this application

By Lisa Charnley

I am in favour of this but i don’t like the look. The “dalek” flats opposite Tesco did not go down well at all. I thought it improved the area but others think not. If we approve too many different architectural designs in the high street, it will look odd and unsightly. I am all for improvement and new homes but I think the design needs changing somewhat more fitting and subtle and of a style we could adopt in the high street should any further developers come along.

By Diane W

Absolutely love it! Modern, stylish, quite stunning! Just what Northenden needs!

By Maddy