Burnley College

Burnley College submits £12.5m expansion proposal

Julia Hatmaker

A 20,450 sq ft industrial hub and three educational buildings on six acres of former playing fields along the River Calder are being plotted by the further education provider.

The expansion site is adjacent to the college’s current campus on Princess Way, sitting just to the north of the school’s car park.

Working with ABW Architects and Smith & Love Planning Consultants, the college has divided its £12.5m expansion into two phases. Phase one includes the industry hub, which would have a mixture of workshops and learning spaces. The local industry would have access to the facilities and equipment as well.

Provided plans are approved, the college aims to complete this phase in November 2022.

Phase two would see the creation of three educational buildings and a car park, which has led the college to designate the expansion site as the North Campus. That phase will also include replacing a bridge to provide access to the college from Holme Road.

The North Campus will aim to be a “haven with buildings in soft landscape, where proximity to nature becomes part of the student experience at Burnley College,” according to the planning application.

The scheme aims to preserve and increase the number of trees on its perimeter and to increase biodiversity through its landscaping plans.

Identity Consult is the project manager.

Burnley College is already in the midst of another expansion project: building a new teaching building and sports centre extension. Preston-based John Turner is handling the construction of that $6m project.


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Disgusting destroying a playing field and nature reserve to build this, which could be built on derelict land that swamps Burnley. Why take away this beautiful natural filled greenspace that is used year round to build this monstrosity? What about the bats, the owls and song thrushes that reside here – does the law only protect them unless the council want to steal their homes

By Leanne

Absolutely heartbreaking, I like many others grew up playing on these fields, the beautiful scenery, nature and wildlife. Taking the only safe place our children can play, even planning to take the children’s park that was fought for, basically told yeah we’re going to take the land but eventually, we going to take your homes as well, not being informed of not only the plans but we was informed friday evening, it was happening this week. I’m truly dumbfounded when there loads of derelict buildings that can be renovated for what the college has planned. DISGUSTING

By Carla howard