Building Equality
The event will run for five days from Monday 24 August

Building Equality group to hold virtual Pride

Dan Whelan

The construction alliance that promotes LGBT+ inclusion across the industry is staging a week-long virtual alternative Pride celebration starting on Monday, featuring a series of events to support the community. 

Physical Pride months events, usually held in June, were cancelled this year due to restrictions around large gatherings, but Building Equality, founded in 2015, will host the ALT.MCR Pride festival, made up of webinars designed to support LGBT+ individuals in the construction industry. 

The events include: 

  • Exclusive author readings 
  • Vigils to remember those affected by HIV
  • Positive speaker appearances and competitions 
  • ‘Meet the members’ workshops, including Homes England and engineering group Jacobs 

The webinars are designed to highlight the experiences of LGBT+ individuals and shine a light on what is being done to progress LGBT+ inclusion in the industry, in the hope of build more inclusive working environments. 

Luke Ives, social value, inclusion and diversity coordinator at Jacobs, and a Building Equality executive, said: “Recent statistics tell us there are still daily challenges faced by LGBT+ individuals in our industry that need to be addressed.  

“However, real progress has been made in supporting visible role models, so there is a true reflection of the communities we serve.

“ALT. MCR Pride is the biggest showcase of virtual LGBT+ inclusion in the construction industry and a reflection of the changing face of our industry.” 

The full schedule of ALT. MCR Pride is open to everyone. 

Read about Place North West’s push for diversity in property and how you can help:

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Why does anybody, apart from a few sexual politics activists, care about others’ sexual drive? What anybody does privately does not and must not interest me. I do not care about their sexuality. What about their moral character? That is what I may interested in: before I hire them, not their sexual lust. Even though they may define themselves by the nature of their sexuality, that is no reason for giving them, whichever sexual sub-group they identify with, a quota place on a managing board; or is it?

By James Yates

Who are the vigils for? Just wondering.

By Colin Fearns

Excellent misrepresentation there James Yates. Where does the article talk about quotas for sexual minorities hmmm?

By Roofer

Hi James, the article doesn’t mention Quotas. It mentions the coming together of a community, to discuss issues that directly implement them in 2020. Issues such as underrepresentation and LGBT-phobia.

We work in an industry where 60% of LGBT+ individuals feel that their sexuality or gender identity greater barriers to career progression and where 54% don’t feel comfortable being open about their sexuality or gender identity in the workplace. Or 59% hearing the term gay as an insult in the workplace.

If you want to hire someone based on moral character, you would also want to hire someone that felt they could be 100% themselves, 100% of the time in the workplace. So, that way they aren’t hiding who they are and they can give 100% to the job. We need to challenge and change our industries culture in order for this to be possible.

So, maybe once we have rectified these problems and everyone can go to work as their true self, we won’t have a need for sexual politics activist, as you term them.

By Luke Ives

James, its because of people like you we need pride.

From the tone of your response I can assume you don’t know what it feels like to walk onto a construction site and hear homophobic insults, or to be bullied in the workplace for being LGBT.

Its straight people who have ‘cared’ so much about others ‘sexual drive’ that they treat us differently, whether that be a history on homophobic laws classifying us as mentally ill, deeming our love not suitable for marriage, or condoning conversion therapy practices that cause irreparable damage to peoples mental health (and are still allowed under UK law today). Change has only come because we’ve fought for it, and so many of us are only able to be happy today because of the love and support of people across the LGBT community, fostered by events such as pride.

If you really don’t care about it then why are you writing such an angry comment?

By Oli

Manchester pride is far too exclusive, Leeds, Brighton and every city in Europe have far better events.

By Dan