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Budget 2017 | North awaits word of £90m road allocation

Those hoping for a commitment to large transport projects such as Northern Powerhouse Rail were disappointed by yesterday’s Budget from Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, with a rehash of previous road investment announcements taking centre stage.

Hammond used his first and last Spring Budget to outline some of his plans to spend the £23bn National Productivity Investment Fund announced in November’s Autumn Statement.

Of the £1.1bn set aside from this pot to fund work on local transport networks, £220m of this will be used to tackle congestion at pinch points on roads.

The Chancellor announced that £90m had been allocated to Northern pinch point projects, alongside £23m to the Midlands. Details of the chosen schemes are yet to be revealed.

Also from the National Productivity Investment Fund, Hammond said that £690m would be “competitively allocated” to regions across the UK to tackle urban congestion and “get local transport networks moving”.

He pointed to colleague Transport Secretary Chris Grayling as the one to watch for information on how the money can be accessed, with details to be announced “shortly”.

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Pathetic – hugely disappointing.

The north-south disparity in per-person funding will remain.

By Cake eater

No mention of HS3.Presumably we can kiss goodbye to that? This is a Southern chancellor,with a Surrey constituency.Let us have no delusions that he will do anything for the North. If we want proper trains in the North West,we are going to have to do it ourselves.The elected mayors of Merseyside and Manchester,need to work together and link the two conurbations economically. Instead of waiting for Westminster, be ambitious and build the floating train between Liverpool and Manchester.

By Elephant

There has been a slow and ever increasing distancing from the NP by this Government. So no surprises there.

By Man on bicycle

I think the distancing from the NP of this government,is more a distancing from George Osborne. Theresa May is very Midlands focused, because the Tories have a chance of winning the Metro mayor elections in the West Midlands.They have no hope of winning GM or Merseyside. However, they do have a few marginals in GM now,which they will need to hold on to,at the next election.Plus they could win Bury South with the right candidate.So there won’t be too much distancing,I don’t think.

By Elephant

Time will tell.

By Man on bicycle

£90m for the north’s roads… get ready to spit dummies when billions are “devolved” to fund Greater Manchester’s next shower of transport cash.

Oh how the other half (of the metropolitan North West) live.

By Mike

Get ready to spit dummies when billions are “devolved” to Merseyside regardless of whether it stacks up or not.

Government seem petrified of upsetting that city with public funding splurged on infrastructure projects and regeneration schemes that deliver unknown, never quantified benefits. There is evidently some sort of weird chemistry between Merseyside’s authorities and central government that time and again sees them get preferential treatment in the allocation and use of public funds. Call it gentlemens agreements, sweetheart deals or whatever but you can see it in the stone slab pavements throughout the city and even industrial areas, in the publicly funded attractions and office blocks of Albert Dock
and pier head, on Merseyrail, in the occupants of Liverpool’s so-called commercial district and the numerous publicly funded regeneration baubles that festoon the city like a Christmas tree.

I’m detecting that people in the NW and father afield are starting to pick up on unjustified government largesse in Liverpool so hopefully we’ll start to see the tide turn.

By Mick

Mick you are clearly confused here and that post merely shows you’re contempt for the Liverpool area. Please show me proof of the claims you have just made.

By flan

Yes please, that will do very nicely thank you!

By Man on bicycle

Liverpool doesn’t get anywhere near Manchester’s investment.I live in the latter and I have no axe to grind,as I’m from neither.I would be more angry if I lived in Birmingham.The investment there is farcical for its size.

By Elephant

Everyone knows Merseyside gets preferential treatment from the government.

By Mick

Oh Mick, you are a tease!

By Man on bicycle

Swap that for Manchester and you would be spot on.

By flan

Mick, lets deal with facts to support your asserations about Liverpool.

1. Liverpool gets preferential treatment. Source?
2. ‘Everyone’ knows the above. Source?

I’m quite sure these two could be easily disproven.

By Rooney

Rooney – go ahead, please disprove my assertions. You won’t be able to. Neither will you be able to find a “source” for Mike’s assertions.

By Mick

I suspect “Mick” has been posting under various names for a while. Dark propaganda against Liverpool, taking genuine arguments, often almost word for word, that others have made about disparity of investment elsewhere and simply swapping the name out for Liverpool or Merseyside. A very special and strange kind of cruelty at work I think.

Any concept of Liverpool having received either favour or largesse from the government is absurd.

By Mike