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Bruntwood launches EV charging trial 

Dan Whelan

The property company is to install 12 electric vehicle charging points across its Manchester portfolio, part of the GM Local Energy Market Project, which aims to revolutionise the use and distribution of energy across the region.  

In partnership with Pilot Group, a Manchester-based company that helps companies and governments become carbon neutral, Bruntwood will roll-out the technology across Greater Manchester as part of a 12-month trial beginning this month. 

Additional charging points will be added at sites across the North West within the next two years, according to Bruntwood. 

The Plus+ charging points will be available to Bruntwood customers and the general public.

Craig Morley, energy manager at Bruntwood, said: “The property industry will be central to the push towards net-zero carbon and the adoption of electric vehicles will be one of Greater Manchester’s key drivers of sustainability.  

“However, the infrastructure needs to be in place to make them a success. That’s why we’re committed to supporting this project and ensuring the roll out works for everyone.”  

Bruntwood hopes the project will contribute to Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s ambition to make Manchester carbon neutral by 2038.    

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Surprising chargers aren’t already available


12 charging points sounds like a pitifully small amount.

By Anonymous