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Bruntwood and Trafford add 750 homes to former Kellogg’s site

Charlie Schouten

Working with Trafford Council, Bruntwood has revealed plans for a residential-led overhaul of the former Kellogg’s site in Old Trafford including up to 750 homes, a primary school, a 100-bedroom hotel and up to 200,000 sq ft of offices and education space.

The nine-acre site opposite Lancashire County Cricket Club’s Emirates Stadium includes the existing Kellogg’s Building, which is currently being converted into the home of UA92, a higher education institution supported by Bruntwood and ex-footballer Gary Neville.

Trafford Bruntwood LLP, a company formed this summer, is now looking to bring forward an outline application for the land surrounding the Kellogg’s Building.

Under the initial masterplan, being drawn up by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios and Planit-IE, the partnership will submit an application for up to 200,000 sq ft of offices and education space; 750 residential units; a primary school of up to 75,000 sq ft; a 48,000 sq ft local centre; an hotel with 100 bedrooms; and a 6,500 sq ft energy centre, along with public open space. Avison Young is advising on planning.

This represents a departure from a previous masterplan put forward for the same site; this came forward in September 2017 after the council announced it had bought the plot for £12m.

This masterplan included 160,000 sq ft of offices and education space across four blocks, one of which would link to the Kellogg’s Building, as well as sports pitches, an hotel with 184 bedrooms, and 154 apartments.

Bruntwood and Trafford’s fresh plans put much more emphasis on the residential element, adding nearly 600 homes to the original masterplan.

The area also falls under Trafford’s wider Civic Quarter masterplan, which was this year extended to take in additional sites including Greater Manchester Police’s data centre off Boyer Street, the Club 300 Bingo, and Audi workshop opposite Trafford Bar Metrolink stop. This masterplan also includes a civic square which will focus on the junction between Talbot Road, Brian Statham Way, and Warwick Road.

Bruntwood and Trafford’s masterplan for the Kellogg’s site will include detailed proposals for access to the plot via Talbot Road.

A date has not yet been set for Trafford Bruntwood to submit a planning application; an Environmental Impact Assessment scoping document has already come forward.

The professional team on the EIA includes Avison Young, BWB, Brookdale Consulting, GIA, Curtins, RoC, GIA, Wilde Analysis, Enfusion, Purcell, and Randall Thorp.

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More houses. sorry, residential units. What an unambitious shock that it is.

By Tony the Tiger

Tony the Tiger – what would you recommend instead?

By Anonymous

Larger educational campus? possibly room for future expansion? a park? some football pitches, instead of using Ryebank? anything with some imagination or ambition , really.

By Tony the Tiger

This is too valuable a site for some football pitches. It being right next to a Metrolink station makes it perfect for high density apartment schemes and offices, as it helps ease the housing crisis whilst not increasing traffic congestion. A primary school is earmarked for the site, and public landscaping – possibly a park – as well as a tonne of community uses, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the office space is utilised for expansion of UA92 in future.

We haven’t seen any detailed information about the site yet, so can’t really comment on the ambition or lack of. But the numbers quoted in this article tell me that something exciting is planned for the site.

By Anonymous

The scheme includes 200,000 sq ft of education or office space. sounds like room for future expansion to me.

By nimby

What is being done a out improvi g the local infrastructure, Dr’s. Surgeries, Dentists, improving road surfaces, improving refuse services, increasing the number of litter bins? There are a lot of new residences being built in the area, an area whose infrastructure is broken now without increasing the strain.

By Jane Derbyshire-Heal

@Jane – the housing will be subject to council tax and the offices to business rates, this money will contribute to local infrastructure improvements.
There’s a need for housing, we can’t just not build it because there are a few potholes?

By Matt O

Well, there is a football pitch nearby that seems to be doing alright. In fact, its Grrrrrr…eat!

By Tony the Tiger

It will definitely increase traffic congestion which has worsened since the cycle lanes were improved. Housing is also being built at the Stretford end of Talbot Road. Talbot Road, Great Stone Road, Chester Road and White City Way do not have the capacity for increased rush hour traffic. Neither do the Trams come to that.

By Lesley Smith

What percentage of the houses will be social housing? Can a care home residential and nursing be also considered?

By Donna