Airport City Bridge
The £6m bridge links the southern part of Airport City to the main development area cLunarAerialImaging

Bridge installed at Airport City

A pedestrian and cycle bridge designed by 5Plus Architects has been rolled into position over the M56 spur airport approach road in Manchester.

Installation of the 380-tonne bridge took place over the weekend. The latest piece of infrastructure at Manchester’s Airport City was fabricated and installed by Cleveland Bridge UK, working with main contractor BCEGI. RoC Consulting was the scheme’s structural designer. Arup and Faithful & Gould are also on the project team.

The bridge, due to open to the public in November once ramps and lifts are in place, is 52.5m long and 6m wide and was constructed from Cor-Ten steel. Half of the £6m cost was met by Manchester City Council to support access to the key employment site from Wythenshawe and other areas.

Projects currently under way at Airport City include the first phase of The Hut Group’s £1bn THQ business campus and two hotels, begun by BCEGI in January.

Jonathan Haigh, managing director of MAG Property, said: “The new bridge is a key component of the Airport City Manchester masterplan and capitalises on the connectivity to multiple modes of public transport at the Manchester Airport Ground Transport Interchange.

“In turn, this will underpin increased usage of public transport to more sustainably facilitate occupier needs and enhance convenience for employees, visitors and neighbouring residents alike.

“The bridge connects the emerging hotel district south of the M56 spur road to the larger swathe of development-ready land to the north, which is earmarked primarily for office and ancillary uses.

“It also enables car parking to be decanted away from the heart of the scheme helping to enrich the amenity value of public open spaces.”

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Spend spend spend on Manchester while Liverpool isnt even an afterthought.

By #liverpoolmatters

A pedestrian and cycle bridge designed by RoC Consulting has been rolled into position over the M56 spur airport approach road in Manchester.

Without wanting to downplay 5Plus’ input, and their role in the airport masterplan, it would be nice if construction journalism recognised that bridges are primarily designed by engineers.

By W

This is investment at an airport, linking the existing main airport site to a future area of employment, half of which has come from the city council, the remainder of which you have to assume has come from the airport itself and/or developers. You can like or dislike that in itself, but moaning about Liverpool coming second to Manchester on spending as a result is missing the point. Unless you think Manchester City Council should be spending 3 million

By OldTom

cont. …spending 3 million quid in Knowsley or something. As someone who has lived at both ends of the East Lancs Road I do understand the annoyance of Scousers in some regards, but this isn’t the thing to be getting upset about.

By OldTom

Not entirely sure why Manchester City Council, and the airport which is owned in part by the 10 boroughs and therefore it’s tax payers, should be giving spending on Liverpool any consideration?

By Manc

This is private funded by the airport group, if Liverpool airport want to put their hands in their pockets to build a bridge no one is stopping them!

By Mcrlife

do you have an image of the full design? Isn’t this the one with the steps?

By Thumbs Up

You cannot dispute that thanks to government help Manchester will always have an unfair advantage over Liverpool.

By Gaz Riley

Would be a long bridge if it linked to Liverpool :’-D

By Disgruntled Goat

I mainly read comments on PNW for the comments from scousers with a chip on their shoulder…! This is priceless. Keep em coming!

By Cheshire boy

And in South Sefton we have waited 20 years for a new footbridge over the busy Dunningsbridge Road. A rusty bridge is ok for adults and school kids in Netherton. Highways NW are too busy spending cash on links to MAN airport. A5036 Dock road link is a death trap

By Brad

You cannot dispute that Liverpool has had more help from the government than virtually anywhere else in the country.

Everybody knows how much government regeneration money has gone into reviving Liverpool’s economy, the Pier Head would be practically deserted without it. Merseyrail wouldn’t operate without it’s huge government subsidy. Billions upon billions of pounds of government money have gone into regenerating Liverpool. If there is any unfair treatment it’s clearly in Liverpool’s favour.

By Reality

Reality – billions have not gone into Liverpool. Thatcher’s government considered ‘managed decline’. Most money for regeneration came from EU, not UK Government. Recent UK governments have cut Liverpool funding more than other areas.

Anyway, I think more money should be spent on all non-London cities. For example, Liverpool should get a proper HS2 connection, Manchester’s HS3/NPR station should be underground etc. I would also like to see more money to seed R&D in the North, which would bring skills and investment.

By Chris

@reality, you wouldn’t happen to have the figures too hand it would be nice to compare all the major core cities. I would like to see how it compares to say Glasgow or Belfast and Manchester might prove interesting?

By Curious but careful

Chris, the recent funding cut for Liverpool brought it down in line with the rest per capita. Read up, it was already receiving higher than most per person.

By Anon

Cycling bridge with steps, lol typical UK.

By Aaron

@reality, just making it up as you go along there aren’t you? Yes merseyrail has a subsidy, just like other network infrastructure in the UK in other major cities. Metrolink has been in surplus only once in the last 5 years…

By Ormskirk

Ormskirk, Metrolink which been spending on expansion over the last 5-10 years, do you mean that Metrolink? One would assume the business case for that sort of investment extends beyond 5 years.

By think

No matter how many EU & Government billions Liverpool got/ still gets, they still perceive life as unfair.

They only compare themselves to Manchester because its more successful. They dont ever think about Preston, Blackburn, Blackpool etc. That would be against the grain and too uncomfortable. The term self pity city didnt come out of nowhere.

By Leyland Lancs

Liverpool has huge advantages: geographical, cultural, environmental, its people and it’s quality if life. It also has extreme poverty and chronic underinvestment. It is in a unique position to help the country’s recovery following Brexit and the pandemic. Its west facing port deserves better connectivity.
And, by the way, Bold Street and the Royal Albert Dock are bouncing back already. And work at KQ Liverpool and Shakespeare North did not stop.

By Liverpolitan

Another Liverpool whingefest lol

By Anonymous

I am wondering if people in Manchester complained when the Mersey Tunnels were built? Did they complain that Liverpool had an Underground? What about that new bridge from Runcorn? You can get to the Wirral and Southport with ease from Liverpool. It is only recently people have been able to get to Central Manchester from Oldham and Rochdale.

By Elephant

@Liverpolitan….Are you bragging or complaining? One thing that seems good about Greater Manchester is that it doesnt just build up its city centre and ignore its boroughs. That is why many in the Wirral etc want out of Merseyside and the LCR.
A poor performing lefty leadership from beginning to end. Nothing will change that.

By Wirral wool

@Wirral Wool I think you’ll find that opinion differs variably across the varying greater Manchester boroughs, you don’t speak for me, we haven’t all see local benefit.

By Oppo

@Oppa. I speak on the understanding that you ARE actually from greater Manchester. You`ve got to start somewhere to reach everywhere else. Yes, Wigan at the moment feels far out, but as a resident of Standish I`m sure glad we never got dumped with Merseyside like St Helens.

By Tic

@Oppa. Greater Manchester all the way.

By Stopfordian.

@Tic have you been to Wigan or Bolton town centre? It’s been good if you want everyone just sucked into Manchester central at the detriment to our local centres. I’m not saying it’s all bad by any means but let’s not pretend it’s perfect either.

By Boltno

Boltno…Bolton Council assisted with sucking the life out of their own town centre following Middlebrook’s construction and getting rid of free parking in the town.
Trafford Centre opening of course added to this.

By Anon

This is about a private enterprise and the council investing in a city that is on the up, because of good vision, proper planning, good potential and no parochial politics.

By The Squirrel's Nuts