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Bramhall housing scheme returns to planners

Persimmon has submitted a scoping report for a 216-home development off Midland Road in Bramhall, at a site earmarked for housing for more than 12 years.

Planning permission for the site between Cheadle Hulme, Davenport and Bramhall, near Cheadle Hulme recycling centre and behind Jewson on Adswood Road, was first granted in 2006. The site was used as a tip until 1974 before the land was capped in the early 1990s.

This original permission was for 163 managed flats for the elderly, but this was never progressed and the permission expired in December 2016.

A scoping report for 250 homes, including 160 houses and 90 apartments, was submitted in October 2013, but again these plans were never brought forward.

Persimmon and RSK Environment have now submitted a refreshed environmental impact assessment report for 216 homes, following a redesign of the site’s layout which adds homes and apartments at the southern part of the site.

The housebuilder now plans to submit a full planning application for remediation and enabling works; 216 homes, including affordable housing; a new publicly accessible country park; and associated access.

Proposed access will be via Midland Road, with standard houses to the north of the site and apartments at the southern end. Construction traffic will be via Midland Road and through council-owned land near the Viridor recycling facility to the west of the site.

A programme and phasing plan for the construction works has yet to be decided but will be included with any full planning application.

In total, the site covers around 38 acres.

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Absolutely ridiculous.

By Michael Dunstan

Midland Road is not suitable for the 120+ heavy lorries per day proposed in the plan. The tip has asbestos and other nasty carcinogenic by-products hidden in there. The leachate already goes into the Ladybrook. The council should NEVER agreed to this plan. I have lived near the old tip since 1979 and the incidence of cancers I believe is higher than the national average around the old tip. I have had cancer and so has my husband. Next door neighbours both sides have had cancer too.

By Heather Wynne

Why would anyone buy a house on landfill?

By Sukes

You should never build houses on top of a landfill. There is toxic waste and years of rubbish underneath the ground. This proposal should never happen. The council have a duty of care for the people living locally to protect their health. Who would consider buying a house on a landfill site?

By Liz Faragher

Land there and adjoining tip was dumped indiscriminately for over 30 years of all kinds of chemicals not just domestic waste. UU report in last application refused to accept surface and leachate water to sewers it was so dangerous and proven to be entering the Ladybrook/Micker Brook. Council for mortgage lenders et al need to be made aware and no solicitor worth paying will allow clients to sign although I’m sure the Local authority searches will not show anything warning outsiders to the area of what’s down there. It’ll go fine until someone extends or puts hard standing in, modern methodology at Another local site saw tons of highly toxic stuff reburied once monitoring staff went off site. This site needs 24/7 surveillance and shouldn’t be house built.

By Julie McDonald

Stupid idea, road will not support so many extra houses. If the council allows this they will be in for a fight from locals.

By B Smith

Surely the planners and builders have done a full assessment of the site. If this land is sitting empty then why not build on it. Many young people would love to get on to property ladder. Many couples, with the added expense of children, would be glad of affordable housing. Not quite suitable for the elderly as their are not many shops nearby as they become less mobile. If everything people are moaning about have been taken into consideration, and the site is deemed safe, then why not build here?

By Ruth Malcolm

Absolutely disgusting, I’ve lived around this area all my life, friends and colleagues a lot older than me have told me that no real record of what waste was disposed of on this land exists, so it seems to me that they’re poking a hornets nest.

By Andy Buckley