Brackley Golf Course
Outline consent for 677 homes was granted in 2019

Brackley Golf Course to be sold for housing

Dan Whelan

Salford Council and leaseholder MHE Investments have agreed to sell the 64-acre site in Little Hulton to an  unnamed developer subject to a price being agreed. 

MHE won outline planning approval for a scheme to build 677 homes on the former golf course, which straddles the boundary between Salford and Bolton and closed in 2016. Designs have been drawn up by Baldwin Design Consultancy. 

The architect counts housebuilders Taylor Wimpey, Wainhomes and Redrow among its North West clients. 

The preferred developer, which the council and MHE have yet to name, is undertaking ground investigations at the site.

Once this work is completed, the parties aim to agree a price for the purchase. The proceeds from a sale would be split equally between Salford Council and MHE Investments, which entered into a collaborative agreement in 2018. 

The planning consent required no on-site education provision from the developer at the time. However, Salford intends to seek a section 106 contribution of around £4.5m, according to council documents. 

Avison Young is the planning consultant for the masterplan and Tyler Grange is the landscape planner. 

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sandwiched between a motorway and a really rough estate, no thanks

By Anonymous

this development is in a pretty rough area, hardly desirable being next of a motorway either

By Anonymous

A Housing development sandwiched between a motorway and little hulton housing estate. These 677 properties SHOULD be really affordable

By Darren born and bred in Salford

This area isn’t rough.ive lived in northwest London where most terrace houses cost a million quid to which there where shootings and stabbings on a daily occurrence. Little Hulton is nothing compared to where i use to live now i live in little Hulton. People just haven’t lived else where to judge the area. ……don’t think developers spend millions on an area without research. Nothing wrong living near a motorway. People spend 2million pound on a 2 bed flat in Kensington London right next to the tube trains running all day long.

By Mike

The new 89 houses on old lane that are being built cost 158k for 3 bed so no its not cheap. ..I guess these houses will be similar in price taking into account it’s prime location and transport links into city. ..leigh. ..Bolton etc and next to logistics north.

Loads of regeneration work here in last few years

By Anonymous

Little hulton has just got the reputation of being a rundown housing estate with shots fired everyday and knife crime and scallywags on every corner.

By John from Salford

Thumbs up little Hulton. …desirable place to live and work.
Some of the negative comments here are just from some narrow minded people who have never really lived a positive life mainly negativity within. Hey Ho at least there’s a lot of people with positive attitudes both within the public and the developers who willing to pump millions Into the area

By Anonymous

This housing development is miles away from any high schools.. If these parents want there kids to go the the nearest high school, it’s in farnworth. St James high in farnworth is 1 mile away, essa academy high school in farnworth is 2.5 miles away, Harper green high
school in farnworth is 2miles away. Then you got harrop fold high school in Salford 2 miles away and then walkden high school is 3miles away. There is quite a few Primary schools in little hulton and walkden, so that is not a issue.. When all these housing developments are first planned they don’t think about the infrastructure, schools, doctors, traffic etc. That’s it.

By Darren born and bred in Salford

To the previous comment. Regarding gp surgeries. Well there is a huge gp surgery clinic currently being built next to the little Hulton precinct. The Walkden town centre is now a massive modern place with plenty of amenities to cater for the increase in population. That logistics north place is practically on your door with loads of jobs and a local economy for the area. The white White lion pub now is being turned into a small supermarket and apartments for locals.

By Anonymous