Bolton goes with flow on c-charge vote

Councillors in Bolton have voted to reject a motion opposing plans for the congestion charge to be introduced in Greater Manchester.

The motion, brought by Cllr John Walsh, asserted: "Members of this council have previously stated their opposition to congestion charging which impacts on the public of Bolton. Under the TIF bid travellers by car to and from Manchester at peak times will be hit by the congestion charge.

"The congestion charge proposals as currently constructed within the submitted TIF bid will therefore impact on residents of Bolton. It follows therefore that congestion charges as proposed within the current TIF bid, even without any potential future extension to Bolton, will hit Bolton residents.

"As the TIF bid is predicated on £1.8bn being raised from congestion charges and only £1.2bn from the government with no alternative funding options, it necessarily follows that the TIF bid as submitted is unsustainable.

"Accordingly, this Council resolves to request the Executive to advise AGMA and the government that it can no longer support the TIF bid as submitted."

Bolton backs the bid by the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities. So far, only Stockport, Trafford and Bury have come out against it.

A decision from Government over whether Greater Manchester has won the funding is due in the spring.

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