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Bloor expands Lowton estate

A further 68 houses are to be added to Bloor Homes’ development at Heath Lane, Lowton, bringing the total number of properties to 199.

Wigan Council originally approved the construction of 129 new homes at a 10.6-acre agricultural site in 2017, with a further two houses approved in 2018. Wigan Council has now granted full planning permission for an extension to the east.

Work started in 2017, with completion of the development as a whole set for 2020. The project includes a range of detached, semi-detached and terraced houses as well as apartments.

Bloor was advised by PBA, now part of Stantec.

Bernard Greep, director in PBA’s Manchester office, said: “We are pleased to have secured planning permission for a further phase of development at this scheme. The development will make a valuable contribution to the short-term need for market and affordable family housing, at a sustainable location.”

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with no thought to the impact of traffic and the strain on school places and no change in amenities for decades. Utter disgrace from Wigan Metro yet again

By M Harrington

I live in lowton and it’s about time they sorted out the roads and traffic in lowton before building more houses and roads making a lots more cars and people coming to lowton we are only a small village and it’s getting worse every day

By Debbora Cullen

Sadley builders are not catering to us that are wanting to downsize.

By Ann Joned

So that’s another 136 cars cramming onto the already stuffed to the gills local roads.

By Lowtonsaint

Now the residents of the original homes have to put up with all the plant and materials passing ther homes for what must be another few years. Also having to put up with the constant noise of the damn road sweeper.

By Adam

@Adam:- as did the existing neighbours when Bloor turned up to do Phase 1 – that’s life !

By Tha'knows

When are these builders going to cater for couples (no kids) that may want a nice house with a double garage without having to buy ‘Extra’ bedrooms that they don’t need?

By M Hayman

Why can’t they build bungalows for older people. Too many 4 bed houses with stairs. Bungalows please let’s have a mixed age population.

By Vivien

Odd though it may seem, human beings are group animals who need to live in large families and communities. But somehow, in a poor country like the UK, hardly anybody can afford to live naturally. Brits love living alone, or with transient partners, and perhaps a token child, in tiny little boxes made of ticky-tacky which all look the same. I think Brits are scared of other Brits, they now even want to stay and type at home. With food delivered on the end of pole.

By James Yates