Deansgate Road Surfacing
Resurfacing works recently completed on Deansgate

Bids open for £40m Manchester roads framework

Manchester City Council has launched the search for contractors to bid for a £40m roads framework, largely within the city centre but also across the wider city region.

The framework would see four contractors selected for the two-year programme, which is primarily for the resurfacing of carriageways.

The works involve the milling off and resurfacing of roads, as well as lining, footway and drainage repairs, and associated ironwork adjustments.

Many authorities across the region have taken advantage of quieter roads during the coronavirus lockdown to implement roadworks.

According to tender documents, the framework would largely be focused on schemes within the city centre, although some projects may take place within other parts of Greater Manchester.

The council is using local authority procurement portal The Chest to receive tender applications. Bidders have until 25 May to apply.

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Hardly needed anymore

By Dan

Best time to resurface the roads is when there are no cars on them.

By Anonymous

Now is the time to be doing road and related infrastructure works but by the time the council has got through their archaic procurement processes the lockdown will over.

By Anonymous

Looks at all the lovely greenery

By John

How about we give the contractors a proper brief with active travel at its heart instead of peddling the same old car-centric guff over and over?

By Active Travel Trev

Install more speed signs on Altrincham (A560) at Baguley.
Dual carriageway (30mph) not as some people think it (i.e.) 40+mph.

By Mike

Amazing it has taken so long to get this bids in. This should have been rushed forward the moment a lockdown was considered. What a lost opportunity. By the time this actually starts, we won’t be in lockdown any more.

Manchester’s city centre streets are in desperate need for resurfacing. In fact, this should have been done years ago.

That all said, for many of it, it will probably be short term anyway, with so many other cities turning their central cores into more pedestrian friendly streets. I wouldn’t be surprised Manchester would never do this. Just look at how slow they have already been, how conservative they are with new ideas and their handling of open spaces already (cutting into squares like Piccadilly Gardens and building offices and concrete walls shrinking the open space).

I think we will have to have temporary pedestrian zones across summer and autumn to allow bars, restaurants and cafes to expand outside while we are in some form of social distancing.


Why just resurface, this is just covering up the problems. A road reconstruction binding the top 150mm of the existing materials with a new technology like RoadCem will last ten times as long at only four times the cost. A much more sustainable option.

By Les

That picture is the resurfacing works complete?!! I thought it still had to be done. Good god, looks lacklustre and the rest has dips and is uneven, combined with patchy tarmac on the rest where it clearly hasn’t been resurfaced. It is faded with yellow lines painted over the old and tired part. When will they learn. Look at cities across the world – developing countries look better regards their roads in many areas! This weekend’s read of PNW has gone from anger to simple resignation that developers and planners are not building beauty for the future, but leaving a legacy of misery and blight.

By Richard