Bellway Prestwich August 2019

Bellway builds on Prestwich consent

The housebuilder is aiming to win consent to deliver 124 homes as part of the mixed-use Mountheath estate in Prestwich with Bury Council looking to sign off the proposals early next month.

The site secured outline consent for a mixed-use scheme featuring up to 160 homes and 32,000 sq ft of industrial space in early 2017, and Bellway is now looking to progress the residential element of the scheme.

The 13-acre site is bordered by Kersal Moor and Prestwich Golf Course to the south and west, with homes and a route into Prestwich town centre to the north.

Bellway’s reserved matters application has been in the planning process since 2018 and is now set to be decided by Bury Council.

Advised by Avison Young and architect APD, Bellway is proposing 124 predominantly two-storey homes; 18 of these will be provided for affordable tenures under a Section 106 agreement, and Bellway will also be required to put forward a £354,000 contribution for recreation.

Access would be via George Street with a secondary emergency access from Ardent Way.

Planning officers have given the project a ‘minded to approve’ recommendation when Bury’s planning committee meets next week, building on the outline consent from 2017.

The employment element of the mixed-use scheme secured reserved matters consent in February this year.

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Its such a shame that the houses designed are not suitable for the local community.

The local community is predominantly religious Jewish families, which means they require a different house design more suitable for their way of living.

Most Jewish practices are based around family life and these houses are not designed to cater for a large dining room needed for large families to eat together.

This is particularly an issue on the Sabbath, where families join together on a weekly basis to share 3 meals together, whilst disconnecting from work and their phones. These large gatherings bring the focus and attention back to loved ones, but space is critical to be able to do this.

Working local to this community as an Architectural Technologist, clients who purchase these sorts of houses often come to me requiring a house extension.

If only this new housing development would have done its market research, to create something bespoke for the community before building these “generic” houses.

By Sam

I’m sure a national house builder such as Bellway has done their research Sam…………..

Who knows, if successful maybe the scheme will promote a more diverse community?

By Cyril

why should the houses be designed to accommodate the specific requirements of just one sector of the local community? Given the location these will fly anyway and Bellway will know that

By just saying

What!! Prestwich is mixed community and any housing is welcome of all from helping the homeless, young familys how cant get a council home, single people, Bellway builder away.

By Juliet

If this is passed then the junction of Bury New Road, George Street and Kings Road will require significant modification to cope with the traffic and prevent any accidents.
Similarly there is a case to develop the pavements in Sedgley Park shopping area on Bury New Road, improve/ reduce on street parking for a more positive user experience of this area.

By Anna

There is a desperate need for more housing in the area and this development is welcome. Bellway is much the same as the other housing developers and they will obviously press for a plan that will suit their agenda and that of the local council’s preference over locals (More units more council tax).
Unlike other developments in the Northwest, I am unaware of any joint approach from the locals to fight an experienced company and ensure the Building Works air and noise pollution, Layout of green spaces, disposal of contaminated soils etc all meet required standards and don’t affect current local residents and future residents quality of life.
The further diversity in this new area and that of the wider community is of-course ideal and important. However, as a Jewish resident myself, I know the shortage of housing in the very immediate area and see no issue for a company to choose a clientele for their project be it Green or leafy minded individuals, Young Professional, Partygoers or fans of luxury and wastage! if that will sell their product together with alleviating a pressing need. Personally,of far greater importance is the need for carbon neutral housing, sufficient electric capacity for car charging points, treeees, solar panels, many of which have had zero mention or planning with this development or from the council’s perspective. For all those looking for housing it may be a chance to get a nice sized house with first time buy standard government incentives and benefit from a low crime area, little anti-social behavior including alcohol, drugs, of which the small amount there is comes mainly from visitors from surrounding area. Albeit, you may need to put up with Bury New Road traffic, London or City Like driving conditions or drivers, to be honest, not everyone seems to see benefits in courteous calmer roads etc.

By Hesky

Can bellway allow for some minor changes to properties like doors added to garages to allow access from the garden. They have not allowed this which adds to the cost for buyers who then have to pay for the work to be done independently. A total waste of resources.

By Maria