325 Deansgate

Ask to submit plans for £31m hotel

Jessica Middleton-Pugh

Ask Real Estate is due to put in a planning application this month for a 21-storey hotel on Manchester’s Deansgate, designed by SimpsonHaugh.

First revealed in 2018, the 142,000 sq ft building at 325-327 Deansgate sits next to The Deansgate pub and is due to be occupied by a StayCity aparthotel.

The plot on Trafford Street also edges on to the Deansgate-Castlefield Metrolink stairway, and is the site of the former Poggenpohl kitchen showroom.

The StayCity would provide 310 rooms, while the railway arches underneath the Castlefield Viaduct would also be opened up to create two units, which could be used for retail, a restaurant or cafe.

The Deansgate pub will be retained and remain open throughout the project build. A separate planning application is being brought forward to create an additional private roof terrace at the pub, with capacity for 60 people.

Subject to planning permission, Ask is understood to be targeting a start on site for the hotel scheme by summer 2020, although a contractor has yet to be revealed.

The professional team includes Deloitte, Cundall, and Stephen Levrant Heritage Architecture.

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Blocking off the daylight and views for dozens of apartment dwellers in Beetham Tower. Is it legal?.

By James Yates

Wow – super original from SimpsonHaugh………..

Laughable attempt to conceal it within the silhouette of the Beetham Tower in the CGI won’t disguise the ugly reality once built.

By Really?

@James Yates The hotel sits below the apartments. Block a view isn’t illegal

By Anon

James – this scheme is lower than the apartment element of Beetham Tower

By Anonymous

@James Yates – if you buy in the city centre, you’ve got to expect that at some point something is going to get built close to you.


They can’t be serous??!!

By Anonymous

@James Yates.. hahahhahahah are you for real?!

By Raj

Beetham’s apartments are higher up than this hotel.
Still wondering if James Yates has ever been to a city ?

By Anon

@James, It’s not that close to the Beetham Tower, it’s just the rendering and use of a telephoto lens. There is already another tower right next to this new one


Rather mysterious reasoning for people living in skyscrapers in Manchester to try to block new skyscrapers in Manchester. Is it just me or is it a teensy-weensy bit hypocritical?

By Anon

Hotel is only up to Cloud 23, with apartments above James, so no apartments will loose daylight.

By facts

@ James Yates – it is a 21-storey scheme. The apartments at Beetham don’t start until the 25th floor above the Cloud 23 bar, so it won’t block daylight or views in the apartments. It might in the hotel though

By City Resident

james yates – rights to light will kick in and compensation is likely to be paid to those affected. its subject to the finer detail of the scheme

By Anonymous

It’s mostly hotel rooms on the lower floors of Beetham Tower, in fairness.

By Anon

It’s hotel dwellers and yes it is legal. They don’t get exclusive rights just because they live in a skyscraper!

By Steve

Looks good! Anything that builds around the beetham tower gets a thumbs up from me.

On that note, does anyone know what happened to the beetham ‘twin tower’?

By Luke

James – there’s barely any daylight to block off in Manchester anyway. Also, it would mostly block hotel rooms in the Hilton, not apartments. So its totally fine.

By Totally Fine

Totally Fine – no daylight? Even at the height of winter there is still 9 hours of daylight in Manchester. In the summer it’s up to 18 hours!

By Anonymous

Basic legal principle that nobody is entitled to a view and no rights to light will have accrued in Beetham Tower yet, even if this were to block off any apartments – which, of course, it won’t.

By Loganberry

Terrible idea and design. But has the cosy club on board, so will sail through.

By Bert

Ask, Simpson and Deloitte is the same dream team that inflicted possibly one of the worst schemes of the last 15 years on the city – that revolting, cheap, partially clad, yellow monstrosity that is the First Street car park, employed as a make-shift place making device because it was cheap, highly profitable and because HOME is hidden behind the viaduct. Can I appeal to said dream team to return to First Street to clear up the mess they created?

By Yellow Menace

All the arguing about loss of daylight (the roof terrace at the Deansgate Pub will be a big loser) ignores the real issue of density pressure on the city.Two hotels, one an apartment hotel) right next to each other, in an already congested part of the city. And what about wind turbulence caused by big buildings so close together.? It’s no fun at the base of the Beetham Tower in high winds as it is. Still, I’m sure the dream team have it covered!

By Architecto Gaudi

That’s great but where are the cycle lanes????!?!?!

By Disgruntled Goat

Start spreading the news … we’ve won the pools ….Smickles

By Anonymous

Another glass box from SImpsonHaugh – yawn…

By Anon


By York Street