Architects pitch Everton Park designs

David McCourt

Liverpool residents attended a debate regarding the future of Everton Park last night as five architects pitched designs to create an international visitor destination for North Liverpool.

The architects involved were Austin-Smith:Lord, Broadway Malyan, Cass Associates, FVMA and Studio Three.

The companies are competing to win approval for the development of Everton Park, creating a destination hub in attempt to further regenerate the area.

The Everton Park Stakeholder event showcased the architect's designs and gave residents the chance to submit their views.

Max Steinberg, chief executive of economic development agency, Liverpool Vision, chaired the event.

Richard Tracey, Liverpool Vision's North Liverpool partnership manager, said: "Everton Park is and has always been a park of the people, so we are very keen to consult with residents on these innovative and creative designs. It is amazing to see how unique their visions are and I am sure that residents will have a great deal of comments and suggestions on them.

"Everton Park is one of the city's precious green lungs, but it has been underused in the past. This is all about to change. The park's new destination hub will create a focal point in what is one of the most prominent and important spaces within Liverpool. We are creating a vibrant and fun visitor destination in the same way that Barcelona's Parc Guell is."

The chosen destination hub will act as a meeting place, information centre, event and gallery space and café.

Paul Edwards, chairman of the community group Friends of Everton Park, said: "We have been closely involved in the emergence of the destination hub. The park needs these facilities if it is to realise the ambitions of the neighbourhood and become a must see place for all those visiting Liverpool."

The destination hub is one a number of developments taking place in Everton Park including a heritage trail and landscape-based proposal from international artist Fritz Haeg and landscape architect James Corner, presented as part of Liverpool's Biennial.

Sally Tallant, artistic director and chief executive of Liverpool Biennial, said: "We are now beginning to plan for Liverpool Biennial 2014 and it would be wonderful if the park could play a major part in that.

"We believe that this shared endeavour has brought us to a common understanding of what everyone wants for the park and that we can now move forward together to put that vision into action. We hope as many people as possible can attend tonight to help make it happen."

The consultation event took place at The Grand Hall, Liverpool Hope University, Shaw Street, Liverpool, on 6 February 2013. EPVC Everton Park

Everton Park Model

 Everton Park

Everton Park

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Hopefully they will select a Liverpool based Architect and a Liverpool based Contractor to deliver the scheme.

By Bluenose

Nice to see some quality CGI from FVMA!

By 3D Boys

Why so Bluenose? The best design should win, regardless of where the designers sit.

By red_or_dead

Having been born and brought up a stones throw from the park and spent many years there as a child I would agree with Blue noses comments lets get a Liverpool Architect and a Liverpool Builder/Landscaper who understands the area and Liverpool itself! I agree its imoportant re the locals but there also needs to be an ‘attraction’. It is so underused at the moment yet the views are spectacular and nearly every thing that is filmed in Liverpool uses this as a location at some point in their production. Yet if you were from outside the city, even outside the area you would not hang around there if the truth were told. They need something that is going attract families and tourists where they can come and relax, eat etc in a safe environment. Please dont waste any money you do get building a giant head or something that really really would not benefit the locals!

By Bunty Rothsay

If you could have something that was a hybrid between the national wildflower centre and what they have done with a visitors centre and a restaurant then you would be half way there. Where else has views across the city like this? Its fabulous yet currently so wasted!

By Bunty Rothsay