Approval for £150m Salford PRS scheme

Warrington-based developer Vivere said it intends to start on site at the beginning of next year with the construction of 525 homes on Regent Road.

The £150m development on the site of the derelict Wellington Hotel, will consist of four blocks of 26, 16, 10 and eight storeys alongside 37 three-storey townhouses. The apartments will have up to three bedrooms.

The scheme was first unveiled earlier this year by Vivere, the development arm of Bilt Group.

Targeted at investment buyers, the buildings will include concierge facilities, residents’ gym and lounge, and will be set around a central piazza. There will be 150 parking spaces and 200 secure cycle spaces.

Indigo Planning is advising on the application, and the architect is Fletcher Rae.

Andrew Rae, Fletcher Rae’s joint managing director, said: “Ensuring the complex was both viable and thoughtfully integrated into its urban surroundings were big considerations in the planning application stage. Our aim is to establish a sustainable community development that responds to the scale of wider developments and city strategies, as well as reintroduces a community base back to the north side of Regent Road.”

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£150m for 525 homes – avg of £286k per unit. Somebody is in cloud cuckoo land.

By The Old Faithful

Monstrously ugly

By Zebith

I mean, really, seriously poor design. Who wants to be involved in this scheme? Quite depressing that this is what we as an industry are churning out.

By Zebith

Its fine. It’s a standard apartment block of the sort you’d find in any European city. As long as the internals are well planned and constructed, oriented towards the needs of the people that live there rather than absent owner-investors it’ll be just fine.

The scale is probably OTT though. 7/8 storeys should be the standard throughout the inner city.

By Block

The likelihood of delivery is extremely low. Build costs circa £150 to £175 per sq ft due to the height, unless they can find £300 to £325 per sq ft of far eastern money. The location is poor.

By The Old Faithful

Block – fair enough. It may well be the scale that is so off-putting. The ones already on site have the same forboding appearance that create a cold welcome to the city from the west

By Zebith

Looks like those refurbed huge council blocks in Hulme next to the Mancunian way. They’re in a much better location as well.

By Dave

Anything that brings more Council tax to Salford has to be good and the pub there needs to go….

By Schwyz


By Mancpie


By Tom

I agree that this isn’t necessarily a ‘looker’ but this site is pretty key for linking Middlewood Basin through to development sites along Ordsall Lane and on to Salford Quays.

By Bradford

The front element alone wouldn’t be too bad as a tower, but the element that steps down leads to an overbearing mass.

By Considered

I don’t see New Yorkers complain about this sort of stuff. It’s fine, has tasteful brickwork, good ‘soar’ and looks very Manchester. Will also add footfall to the surrounding area which is good for local business, not to mention projecting a very impressive image of the city to anyone coming in from that part of town.

By The Squirrel's Nuts

Squirrel Nuts: what’s your source for New Yorkers’ views? Place NYC?

Besides which, this is Manchester, not New York. In New York, you can expect to live in a poor quality building (like this) for the benefits of the location.

What’s impressive about it? That its big? In terms of American architecture, it looks more like ‘The Projects’ than anything else. Stop trying to excuse poor design.

By Zebith