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Allied London wins consent for revised Old Granada Studios

Allied London has secured planning permission for its updated proposals for Old Granada Studios, which have seen the developer increase hotel space, add a rooftop swimming pool, and switch office space for residential.

Plans were first approved in 2015, but architect Levitt Bernstein submitted an overhaul application in November last year, replacing the original consent.

Major changes since the earlier application include the expansion of the project’s proposed hotel, which will be located in the refurbished Granada TV office building. The number of rooms was upped to 210 from 150 in the latest application, with Soho House due to operate under its Mollies Motel & Diner brand.

The updated plans have also added a 4,000 sq ft glazed rooftop extension to the Granada TV building, housing a bar and restaurant for hotel guests, while a glazed arcade that was to run through to Atherton Street has bee replaced with a modular workspace block.

In another departure from the original planning application, a 10-storey residential and office block will be built in place of the originally-proposed eight-storey office block on Atherton Street. This will include 22 apartments alongside 26,400 sq ft of office space over four floors.

Elsewhere, additional space at the Granada television studios will be kept for use as an events venue and as a studio facility. Studios 02, 06, 08, and 12 will all be retained as part of the plans. Studio 08 was originally slated to be demolished in the original proposals.

In total, the new proposals for the redevelopment of the area will include 100,000 sq ft of hotel space; 75,000 sq ft of studio and events space; 27,200 sq ft of office space; 26,000 sq ft of residential space; 14,000 sq ft of modular workspace; 13,900 sq ft of restaurant space; and 8,000 sq ft of retail space.

Place North West revealed earlier this year that contractors Bam, Kier, McLaren, Vinci, and Wates were all tendering for the project, with a winning company expected to be chosen by the summer. Once a contractor is in place, construction work could start later in the year.

Wates was originally lined up as main contractor for the scheme when plans were first submitted in 2015, having prepared a construction method statement and phasing plan which outlined a two-year construction programme.

However, the project was retendered due to the extensive changes to its design.

The professional team for Old Granada Studios also includes Deloitte as planner, Curtins as structural engineer, Vectos as transport planner, Sandy Brown as acoustic consultant, and Crookes Walker as M&E consultant.

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They’ll be tweaking the plans further in the next few months no doubt

St John’s looks absolutely fantastic, but what’s the point of beautiful renders if the thing never even happens? Come on Allied London, get on with it

By Anonymous


That site is a huge chunk of the city centre that needs to be opened up instead of being like a walled off military zone.

By ^

Well done you guys! Looking forward to working with you again!

By Russell Bolton