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All change in Liverpool’s senior team

City Mayor Joe Anderson has rung the changes following the departure of three senior members of Liverpool City Council’s leadership group.

Cllr Nick Small, a part of Anderson’s team for 14 years, was dismissed from his position as assistant mayor on Friday, a day on which deputy mayor Cllr Ann O’Byrne resigned her post, as did Cllr Steve Munby, who was cabinet member for highways and neighbourhoods.

Anderson has now named three deputy mayors. Gary Millar takes on the business, economy and skills portfolio, Wendy Simon cultural tourism and events, and Lynnie Hinnigan housing.

James Noakes joins the cabinet and will pick up some of Munby’s work, covering street scene, transport and highways, and air quality.

Beyond the 10-strong cabinet, there are 12 assigned mayoral leads, among which the portfolio for heritage and design is picked up by Alice Bennet.

Amid much talk in the city about how the political differences among Labour politicians are manifesting themselves at local level, Anderson has issued a note to Labour members outlining the changes.

He said: “My focus and commitment and that of the whole cabinet is concentrated on dealing with the tough challenges we face and delivering our manifesto commitments.

“That is as it should be and what the party and the people of the city want us to do. Doing anything else is not only unacceptable but also unforgivable – something I simply will not tolerate.

“Our twin track approach growing our local economy and protecting as much as we can our services and helping those most in need is at the heart of everything we do. At the start of this new municipal year, with your support, we can continue to do just that.”

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Good to see no change in dealing with regeneration so Joe will still be dealing with land and property disposals.

By Elliot

Can’t let go of a good thing?

By Democrayee

You didn’t mention the other changes that have gone on. The departure of the head of planning, the head of finance, the chief executive… In fact the only constant appears to be the one man who has presided over all this.

Not what I’d call a strong position.

By Mike