Alid Tarleton REVAMPED
Consultancy Avison Young advised on the design and technical planning elements of the amended scheme

Aldi tries again with Tarleton proposal

Sarah Townsend

The supermarket retailer has reworked plans for a store on the site of a derelict Indian restaurant, once the 17th century Rams Head Inn, off Liverpool Road, and submitted a fresh application to West Lancashire Council.

The application is an amended version of a previous Aldi proposal approved by the council in March, which sought to demolish the Bay Leaf restaurant and build a 26,000 sq ft Aldi store on the site together with a two-storey, 7,000 sq ft office block and parking for 138 cars.

However, that application is subject to an ongoing judicial review against the council’s decision to approve it, brought by objectors to the scheme that raised concerns over its heritage impact, potential to increase traffic, and large scale.

In the meantime, Aldi – advised by consultancy Avison Young – has revisited the scheme and made several design and technical amendments to address its more problematic aspects. The parties in the end opted to submit an entirely new planning application.

Under the most recent application, Aldi would demolish the Bay Leaf restaurant as previously and build a new store with parking for 129 vehicles. The proposal for a two-storey office block has been retained.

Other amendments include the removal and relocation of the existing site access point away from the junction between Liverpool Road and Windgate, and a slight repositioning of the store itself; landscaping works across the site, including the retention of a pond to the east, and the addition of an external lobby to the supermarket to satisfy Aldi’s requirements to enhance customer experience. This addition serves to increase the overall store size by 226 sq ft.

The application also adds a substation required for the store’s operation and car parking alternations to accommodate this and to protect existing trees.

The Rams Head Inn building has stood on the site since the mid-17th century – it features a date stone of 1640. It is on West Lancashire Council’s list of buildings of local architectural or historic interest, although it is not a designated heritage asset.

The site also sits within designated Green Belt.

A further public consultation was conducted before the new application was submitted, and Aldi said it received a “hugely positive response”.


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Just get the Aldi store built , the whole site is an eyesore at present .

By Jim Gallagher

Area is in desperate need of a drive thru coffee shop also.

By steven

Presumably your comment Steven is tongue in cheek. No area in the known universe desperately needs a drive thru(sic) coffee shop. At least it looks like Aldi, as per, will go nuts with the landscaping…

By Phil Starbuck

It scary how quickly people on here are happy to destroy historic buildings in favour of another copy & paste supermarket

By Jon P

I can see a tree in that car park! Well done Aldi, biodiversity champions

By Robbin Wood

Yes PLEASE hurry up and get it built. Not everybody can afford to shop at BOOTHS. I am fed up of travelling 10 miles , and 1 bus an hour to Ormskirk.
People have to adjust to new houses shops etc, they should be glad they have a roof, some people don’t have that.Also what an eyesore that old building is? Thankyou.

By G Williams

This is long overdue! Let’s just get on with it! The Rams Head is dead & buried many years ago, it won’t be re-instated. Give the people what they want & need.


In its current state, the site is an absolute disgrace. The council have done nothing to improve the area at all.
At least, the supermarket would smarten up the area, and be useful to villagers and those in outlying areas.

By Frances Heaton

Clear the site put the date stone in a prominent position and call it Rams Head corner. Just get Aldi built!!!!

By Karen

Just get on with it and ignore the self-protection claims of a sub-standard poor-quality local mini-market. The site is an eyesore and no-one but no-one has sought to protect the Rams head in 20 years to my knowledge so why now (and who?).
Get it done

By Mike Byrne

Surely as this site is so old and part of the Tarleton heritage , the original building should become a feature of the new Aldi. I’m open to change but let’s not get rid of a heritage building just for the sake of it ‍♂️

By Dave Benson

My Great Grandfather Samuel Blakemore ran and owned the Rams Head for many years it was a full working Dairy farm And local Inn . At the very least The stone should be preserved and the site named after the Rams Head , preserve something for our heritage! It was a massive part of Tarleton village. Many Celebrities stayed or called when traveling from Liverpool and beyond to Blackpool. I’m all for progress but Please preserve something of our history for future generations.

By Karen Walton

We need the aldi for our big shop stop us having to travel to southport preston or burscough less pollution and congestion driving and local shops will still be used you would not go aldi just for a loaf or few bits you forgot

By Michelle rhodes

An Aldi store in Tarleton would be awesome…
Great value shopping , in a poorly served area ..

By Gary Bailey

Please hurry up and build Aldi at Tarlton I live in Longton and are nearest Aldi is 4 miles away we are not near a reasonable supermarket we have only got Booths so we would welcome you to open plus the site looks terrible at least Aldi want to improve which is more than the council want to do

By Sue

This development will improve the area and save people travelling to Leyland -Preston -Southport cutting carbon emissions. If the old pub / american dinner was any good it would not be derlict now. We stayed overnight there 50 years ago and it was falling to pieces then.Stop messing and get on with it.

By r hiscock