Aldi Trafford Retail Park

Aldi to open at Trafford Retail Park

Aldi will open a 18,600 sq ft store at the retail park on Barton Road next year, while Starbucks has signed up for a 1,800 sq ft drive-thru.

The retail park next to the Barton Bridge already features occupiers including Dunelm, Food Warehouse, Nando’s, and B&M, and attracts around 4m visitors a year.

The Aldi store and Starbucks form part of an expansion of the retail park, which already has planning permission; this site is currently vacant and sits opposite the TX Maxx at the southern end of the park.

Phase two has planning permission for 81,000 sq ft of retail in total.

Work will start in the summer and the park’s owner Peel is aiming to have both Aldi and Starbucks trading in early 2020.

Stuart Parks at Aldi UK said: “This site is an ideal location for a new Aldi store as it’s a shopping area that our customers already visit. We look forward to opening the doors of this store next year and helping the community shop and save closer to home.”

Roger Wheeldon, development director at Peel Land and Property added: “Phase two of Trafford Retail Park will be a welcome addition of retail floor space to what is already a top performing park. The new tenants will provide additional choice for our existing customers and we’re confident the new stores will encourage a new clientele to the park, subsequently increasing footfall.”

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1.5km from the existing store in Urmston town centre?
Excellent. More traffic to an already choked and over polluted area.

By Paul Partington

Job creation, and regeneration of a derelict patch of land is good, but i have to agree with Paul. The car park with its single point of entry is already frequently gridlocked at weekends. There are already quite a few Aldi stores and strarbucks within the local area. Fare enough they would say there is there. But local government needs to join the dots and prevent such frequent developments if they want to cut the public health bill for air pollution related illnesses, and stem the long term impact of climate change. Its also a shame that whilst nearer stores may encourage walking, cycling or electric car use, sadly incentives or infrastructure are seldom included. So add a few billion into the rising costs of an obesity epidemic whilst were at it.

By GTowers

What will the road set up be for the people who live over the road to cross

By Cyn ward

It’s already difficult to get in as out of the retail park some days ,especially near Christmas has anybody really thought about what the extra impact of traffic will have on the area and the gridlock this may cause ,one road in and one road out .

By Jacks

That’s all we need. More rubbish/plastic being discarded onto our streets and into our rivers,more traffic and pollution and less trees as they will now be felled to make way for what???? Why don’t we turn it into a nice green space with trees and wild flowers. Birds n bees need insects and pollen not plastic cups and plastic bags. Shame on you whoever passed this to go through.

By Manc1972

Manc 1972, The site is not green or covered with trees, it’s brownfield and was previously a Ford dealership

By Rob

Will need traffic lights to help get out of retail park cause traffic is always horrendous here at weekends

By P. Robinson

They need a light system rather than a roundabout at Trafford retail park, and just try and make an exit at the end of Pizza Hut.

By -

Congratulations to Trafford Council for yet again agreeing to gridlock the local area even more with the addition of Aldi and Starbucks….. NOT!

But hey ho yet again approval seems to be given here, there and everywhere in this part of Trafford.

Now what is already a jammed, bumper to bumper roundabout at the best of times, will be gridlocked well and truly…

What should have been in place before this approval was given, was a double exit at the far end where the slip road joins the take the traffic away from the overloaded roundabout…..where many residents live.

Come on Trafford Council and Peel, think of the residents and build an exit at the far end of the retail park and whilst you’re at it, place on that roundabout a camera, to stop the idiots from blocking traffic and fine those who blatantly block other road users whilst on the yellow Cross cross box..

By Mr. B