Aldi supermarket for Salford Shopping City

Simon Donohue

Plans have been submitted to Salford City Council for the demolition of Salford Market and construction of three new retail units at Salford Shopping City.

One of the units is a 15,900 sq ft supermarket to be occupied by Aldi.

Two further 5,000 sq ft non-food units have not been pre-let.

The developer of the site is Salford Estates, owner of Salford Shopping City.

The development would include improvements to pedestrianised areas.

A statement in support of the application by GVA states: "The existing temporary car park area of the site will be developed to provide a new food retail unit, and associated parking and landscaping for the entire development.

"The proposal seeks to deliver a positive use of a prominent brownfield site within the town centre and will assist in the wider regeneration of Pendleton Town Centre,delivering economic regeneration and jobs."

Market Way will become fully pedestrianised as part of the new development to strengthen links between the application site and Salford Shopping City.
The scheme would include 117 parking spaces.

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With a new Tesco not long completed and also a handy Lidl, we dont need an Aldi!

By Matilda

Where is the market going then?

By Sheila Oliver

its a good idea this we have shopped at Tesco for 25 years but I think my 70 to 80 pound a week will be going here.the way the economy is now a lot of people will try this new store

By brian doyle

Aldi is better than Lidl and tesco combined :)

By andy j

tesco have shot themselves in the foot by building a bigger store, it is not liked by the elderly or infirm, roll on aldi

By sir freddy

I agree with Andy J, cant wait for an ALDI

By Natalie Y

This Aldi going to be a big hit to Tesco. where is our market every Thursday and Sunday?

By Hk Bouster

Even with Tesco and Lidl close by, if gives people the opportunity to buy the foods they need at cheap prices before having to resort to Tesco. The good market is still open (the indoor building), but the outside market was stopped long ago due to people selling counterfeit items. They closed the market and allowed only the indoor market giving people permits.

By Lucy

If ALDI open for longer hours, i am sure Tesco will close down, I just can’t believe how expensive to shop in Tesco nowadays !! ALDI is much better than Tesco xx

By sohan

It is very trendy to shop at Aldi nowadays, I have started shopping there, and because I help my daughter out I can buy mine and her, meat and fresh veg cheaper that just buying mine at Tesco or Sainsbury’s. I am very fussy about the meat I buy, but Aldi is good Quality, in fact I would go as far as to say the quality of the meat in Aldi beats Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

By Dawn

does anyone (including Aldi) know the provenance and origin of their meat? Never mind its welfare standards and whether the meat is actually what it says on the plastic packaging. Buy fresh and buy local from a quality butcher who cares about his meat. Eat a bit less meat but of a better quality and you will be helping local farmers, businesses, your own health and the health of the planet! Sermon over.

By Farmer Chris

I work at Tesco but will be doing my shopping at Aldi now its opened in salford

By Lilly

Tesco will take a hit here, but I can’t see them being driven out of town. Enough people will want a proper range of products and their favourite brands. Personally, I love seeing the smaller players (both "low-end" and "high-end") challenging the dominance of the Big Four. Realistically, targeted retailers serving their market segment well is the only way the supermarket oligopoly is going to be broken up. Sadly, there’s a reason people don’t generally go to their local butcher/fishmonger/baker/greengrocer anymore (a mix of convenience, price, and it not always actually being better than the supermarket). I wonder what will happen to Aldi in the long term? Its clearly going to continue to grow for the next few years, but will it eventually try to serve all parts of the market in the same way Tesco has until recently? Aldi already have a "Specially Selected" range (black packaging premium range, akin to Tesco Finest)…

By Anonymous