Royal Liverpool January
The project was originally scheduled to complete in 2017

Additional £300m needed for Royal Liverpool Hospital

Chloé Vaughan

The stalled Royal Liverpool University Hospital, which was due to complete in 2017, is not expected to be delivered until 2022 and requires an additional £300m of funding, the chief executive has said.

Initially, the hospital had a budget of £335m, with £285m already spent on the scheme. The additional £300m would bring the total cost of the hospital to £585m.

Steve Warburton, chief executive of Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said at Liverpool City Council’s social care and health select committee this week: “The work to complete [the hospital] will cost £300m and people are likely to be at the existing hospital for the next three winters, opening in 2022.”

Arup was appointed to review the building’s structure in 2018, and Laing O’Rourke started structural repairs in June.

Works so far have required more than 200 cubic metres of concrete and 165 tonnes of steelwork to fix defects left by previous main contractor Carillion, which collapsed in 2018.

Carillion had pushed back completion from 2017 to February 2018, and then again by a series of months, as it found cracks in concrete beams and asbestos in the ground. Since the contractor fell into administration, the cladding on the building was found to be unsafe, which has added extra cost and time to the project.

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Further tax payers monies will now doubt be required to deliver this hospital in 2022+ but even when it is completed, will it provide a facility fit for purpose for the people of Merseyside?
Why they didn’t simply demolish the Carilion defect ridden scheme and started again is a question that needs to be answered and I guess loss of face to the Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as opposed to public interest and economic sense may have proved a greater force!!!!

By Concerned

Only in Liverpool could this happen. A labour controlled council that like Corbyn only knows how to spend other peoples money.

By Paul Niklas

What’s the betting that midway through 2020 a statement will be made extending the completion date to 2023…

By Tercol

Surely, although Carillion went into liquidation, there are insurances and a bond in place to cover these difficulties such as defects and failure to complete. I understood an insurance is a prerequisite for such contracts and the fact Carillion went under, is why Bonds are required.

By A n other concerned

@Paul Niklas – it was a Blair inspired PFI given to a greedy contractor. What on earth are you talking about?


@PaulNiklas .. what has this got to do with Liverpool City Council?


Paul Nicolas sniping from his ivory tower again somewhere in the northwest.

By George

“Only in Liverpool could this happen?” Hasn’t something very similar happened with the new hospital in Birmingham. Reign it in Paul, it is Xmas after all!!


Paul; the hospital is being financed with the PFI system which was the brainchild of the Major government and enthusiastically embraced by Blair and subsequent Tory governments. PFI will be a huge financial burden for future generations.
Corbyn has long campaigned against PFI and would have abolished it.
The Royal has absolutely nothing to do with Liverpool City Council.

By Bill Watson

@ Paul Niklas – do you troll for fun?

By Liver lad

Paul Niklas surely you are aware that local councils do not build hospitals?

By Monty

@PaulNiklas Carillion were a Wolverhampton based contractor. Your racist undertones towards Liverpool are deplorable. Carillion projects affected cities all across the country – so not only in Liverpool. The second biggest collapse in UK corporate history.

By Tim

But will the bosses of Carrillion be forced to pay to put things right??? N0ooo! They are protected by the stupid business rules that allow them to run amok causing as much havoc as they like and then say ‘It wasn’t me, it was the company.’

By M Christy, Liverpool resident

Let’s not feed the troll guys. Sorry state Carillion left this in, fingers crossed it is completed without any further delay to this.

By L17

This project must be an embarrassment to Dept of Health and Con Government. A very late, defective building, with a PFI buy-back; it’s going to cost in excess of £900m+ by the time it’s finished. If you were a development surveyor and you went this far over budget and returned a defective building…what would happen to you?
Will we see any civil servants getting sacked….or anyone getting arrested?
The brave new world of the NHS under Cameron, May, and Boris.

By Billy

Well according to a meeting I attended on Thursday its going it is going to take 1/2 a billion to put right the whole thing. When asked why it couldn’t be knocked down and rebuilt at a cost of 127 million which it was supposed to cost originally, the politicians got involved, who have no idea of the construction problems.

By Lorna

The construction industry and the myriad of sub-contracting, contractual clauses and sheer lack of accountability that has been allowed to become a central feature of the culture of construction is the problem with this hospital. This is among the worst of a growing number of construction jobs that are just not delivering the required standards across many aspects of the build – nationwide. It is astonishing no one has been held to account on how desperately bad the state this almost ‘complete’ hospital was in. It is a hospital for crying out loud.

By Ian