Trafford Cycle Lanes
The route has proved popular with cyclists, but much of the infrastructure is being removed

A56 pop-up cycle lanes scrapped

Dan Whelan

One Trafford, the partnership between Trafford Council and infrastructure services provider Amey, will remove pop-up cycle lanes from the A56 between Stretford and Manchester today following a rise in traffic congestion, despite their popularity.

For the month of August, Trafford Council reported a 421% increase in the number of cycle journeys along the route compared to the same period in 2018. Despite this, much of the pop-up infrastructure along the A56 is being scrapped.

A statement on the partnership’s Safe Streets Trafford portal said: “With the lockdown easing, the cycle lanes are being reviewed due to the build-up of congestion.

“The level of comments [calling for] removal of the temporary measures on the A56 have recently increased due to the rise in traffic volumes, children going back to school and people going back to work.” 

Trafford Cycle Lanes

An alternative route along Talbot Road is being considered

The section of cycle lane between Dane Road and Stretford Tip will be removed with a view to realigning the road layout at a later date subject to funding, the council said. 

Between Stretford Tip and to Talbot Road, the temporary cycle lane will be retained and upgraded, as will the section of the lane that runs from White City Circle to Cornbrook Road, further up the A56. 

The pop-up lane that runs through Gorse Hill, between the turn-off for Talbot Road and White City Circle, will be removed.  

An alternative route up Talbot Road and past Old Trafford Cricket Ground forms part of the council’s “longer-term plans” for cycling infrastructure in the borough. 

Cllr Steve Adshead, executive member for environment at Trafford Council, said: “We have been monitoring the success of the pop-up cycle lanes and have listened to what the community would like now that the lockdown has eased. 

“Moving forward, we will be looking closely at how the adjusted measures will ease congestion along the route while protecting the most vulnerable road users.

“This will help us move towards [creating] a place we want future generations to be able to enjoy, while protecting the integrity of all road users.” 

The temporary measures were put in place in May using £5m of emergency government funding made available to Greater Manchester local authorities. 

In June, the council came under fire for removing a pop-up cycle lane from Ashfield Road in Sale just 48 hours after it had been installed. 

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Finally some common sense, lets hope Manchester and Salford councils follow suit. Chapel street is now a carpark all day everyday due to a new cycle lane that prevents the road being 2 lanes. Deansgate closing make absolutely no sense at all, lets take the busiest road within the city centre and close it that will sort the traffic out. Doesn’t take a bright spark to work out the traffic is forced onto other roads making them worse.

By anon

Spineless cowards

By dW

One step forwards, two steps back

By Anon

Like all those cones would have stayed in place on match day.

By ChesneyT

Backwards step.

By and by

I applaud the vision Trafford council showed when putting it in. Liverpool councils could learn a thing or two from them

By Liverpool Romances

I’m 50 and have have used this cycle route a lot over the past months. I’ve got reasonably fit and have enjoyed not using the car for my commute.

I guess I’ll be adding another car to the conjestion now.

By Jason

Great news at last. Hallelujah

By Alex

its caused me being late .I would love to see . The emissions increase for the area . With the traffic not moving.
It will be great to get are roads back

By K.sumner

It will be a kick in the teeth to the Anti-Car nazis, but hey, you dont own the roads.

By Anonymous

I know what we will do. Spend thousands creating 2 right turning lanes onto Edge lane from Chester road. A year later lets block one off with cones! WHAT WAS THE POINT. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! Thats Trafford council for you!

By Anonymous

Good! Less pollution caused by static traffic now.

By Stan

Trafford Council must be joking – I have done several activity samples on these pop up cycle lanes and I can say that they are absolutely totally under utilised. At times I have been at places for over an hour and seen no cycles at all. I think the Trafford Labour Council have some problems with their mathematics – can’t wait for Tories to get back in

By Vic Mason

The only bit that’s the massive problem is the bit they’re retaining past The Arndale

By Donna

It’s not easy to get this right but we’ll done for giving the pop ups a go and for now looking at an alternative.


The council showed leadership putting these in. A 1-2 minute delay to car journey which provides the feeling of safety to people walking and cycling should be a no-brainer. Options for carless people are now brave the packed Alty trams, the awful bus service or risk your life cycling along the dual carriageway. Grow up Trafford. It’s 2020.

By Backwards

We have to find a way (whatever that may be) to make or city centres more pedestrian and cycle friendly. It’s simple has to be done…..and I say this as a car user.

By Mancman

In March Peel holdings blocked access from the canal towpath where Bennet’s Scrap yard is. This forced many cyclists onto Chester Rd during rush hour. It was awful until the temporary lanes emerged. Then it was wonderful. Now it is being removed in sections the very day Bojo announce a U-Turn on home working. Infrastructure for cycling is in my opinion receding and the quality of current projects is inconsistent and at times laughably ignorant of all road users needs, not just cyclists. Keep the lanes. They aren’t hurting anyone.