Swinton What Couldve Been

COMMENT | Place leadership in GM: continuity or change

We are all busy "levelling up". But what values should be guiding this next round of transformations of Greater Manchester's towns and cities, asks Lucy Wallwork of environmental consultancy LUC. Do we need more of the same or something new?

Spindles View From Parliament Square, Oldham Council, C AEW Architects

VIDEO | Oldham showcases town centre ambitions 

Dan Whelan

A new-look Spindles shopping centre and a 5.7-acre urban park feature in a fly-through video released by the council to show what the town centre could look like in the future. 

Springmount Mill Brinksway Block

Way forward sought for Springmount Mill

Neil Tague

Stockport Council is examining ways it could support development at the site off Brinksway, one of the borough’s brownfield sites now at risk of non-delivery.