Ce Local Plan

Cheshire East ends long wait for Local Plan approval

A planning inspector has backed Cheshire East’s Local Plan for shaping development in the borough up to 2030, bringing examination of the plan to a close and ensuring formal adoption of the plan is only weeks away.

AS 2016: EU project guarantees subject to test

The government gave a mixed message on its stance towards EU-funded projects, Hammond saying that guarantees would be extended to all contracts “signed after the Autumn Statement and before the UK’s departure from the European Union”, but only if they were deemed important enough to the country.

AS 2016: EU funding deadline lifted

Paul Unger

The government appears to have offered a lifeline to bidders for EU funding by relenting on a deadline of today’s Autumn Statement for applications to be approved in order to secure guarantees from the UK in the wake of the referendum result.

Cheshire East pushes forward after devo stall

Cheshire East Council is to establish a cross-party working group “to develop the best possible case” for devolution, and “create debate around devolved powers for Cheshire”, after its joint devolution bid stalled earlier this year.