Community Diagnostics Hub Oldham, NHS, P Oldham Council

‘Landmark’ NHS testing facility coming to Oldham

Julia Hatmaker

The 10,742 sq ft Oldham Community Diagnostic Centre will be located at Salmon Fields and provide early cancer and cardio-respiratory disease diagnosis opportunities for more than 30,000 patients.

Neil Eccles And Steve Rumbelow GROUPED

PODCAST | The great Rochdale comeback

Dan Whelan

Like many places, Rochdale was hard hit by the financial crash of 2008. This podcast delves into how the council and private sector reinvented the town and how Rochdale plans to supercharge its growth going forward. 

Fortis Quay 2, Salford, P.Igniyte

Fortis’ 900-home Salford Quays cluster advances

Dan Whelan

Two towers comprising 562 apartments are due for completion by April, while demolition to pave the way for the construction of another pair of residential buildings is imminent.