Breightmet Westchurch

Westchurch plots 88 Bolton homes

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Neil Tague

The housebuilder wants to build on a site owned by amateur football club Bolton Wyresdale, which is relocating within the Breightmet neighbourhood.

Dock 5 In Ordsall 3, ForLiving, P ForLiving

ForLiving completes first phase of £53m Dock 5

Julia Hatmaker

Residents can now move into the first 121 homes of the Salford scheme, which will ultimately have a total of 394 furnished and unfurnished apartments and townhouses for rent.

Rosary Road And Hill Farm Close, Countryside, P Planning

Countryside unveils 365-home Oldham scheme

Julia Hatmaker

Plans are in for the large housing project that stretches across two plots: four acres off Rosary Road and nearly 18 acres at Hill Farm Close.