Emma Dickson

My Place | Stockport

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The arrival of a coherent regeneration framework and a raft of exciting independent retailers indicates that Stockport is a town on the up, writes Emma Dickson of Turley.

Tom Hargreaves

My Place | Wigan

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There's more to Wigan than just pie shops: reinvigorating the high street and driving the night-time economy will need to be the catalyst to get wider development under way, writes Tom Hargreaves of Anderton Gables.

Daniel Lee

My Place | Altrincham

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Altrincham might be the poster-child of how to make a high street successful, but it can't rest on its laurels, writes Daniel Lee of Regional Property Solutions.

Ged Couser

My Place | Farnworth

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Poorly-connected public realm has let Farnworth down in the past, writes Ged Couser of BDP, but that could be about to change.

Neil Higson

My Place | Salford

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Salford has all the ingredients to emerge from Manchester's shadow to be a world-leading city in its own right, writes Neil Higson of Wildbrook CRE. So what's stopping it?

Kevin Whitmore

My Place | Oldham

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Growing up in Oldham in the 1980s and 1990s was a picture of decline, writes Kevin Whitmore of BECG. But look more closely and you can now see a town with a determination to make sure its best days are ahead.

Nilesh Modhvadia

My Place | Bolton

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Bolton is taking the right steps to address its struggling high street, but calculated risks can help take the town to the next level, writes Nilesh Modhvadia of Cowgills.

Jonathan Twentyman

My Place | Leigh

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Repurposing historic buildings and delivering affordable homes can set places like Leigh apart from the region's city centre, writes Jonathan Twentyman of JP McGuire Developments.

Paul Smith, SLG

My Place | Sale

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It would be fair to say that Sale has seen very little in the way of genuine transformation for more than a decade, writes Paul Smith of Strategic Land Group, but it has the potential to become Greater Manchester's most cycling-friendly town.