Winning property awards: how to stand out from your competitors


property awards

It’s important that you give your commercial or residential scheme the best chance of success, and having sought-after trophies in your back pocket to showcase your scheme in the best possible light is a great way to do that.

Thankfully, the new year is approaching, and with it comes a brand-new awards season. In fact, some awards are already calling for submissions.

So, here’s how you stand out from your competitors and win some must-have property awards.

Highlight your USPs

It may seem like an obvious point, but you’d be surprised by how many award applications fail to focus on the key selling points of the building and instead focus on the remedial matters that the judges just don’t need to know about.

You want to show off the best qualities of your building – does it have a gold standard BREEAM rating? Is it the tallest building in your region? Maybe it’s built using a particularly environmentally friendly material?

There will be something that truly sets your scheme apart from competitors, so find out what that is and highlight it in the application, focusing on what benefits it brings to tenants and the region as a whole.

Was there a need for your scheme?

Something that will make your property award’s application stand out to judges is how well your scheme has filled a gap in the market. Aka, is there something that you do that no other scheme does?

For example, if your new Manchester residential scheme offers residents a host of offers and discounts across the city, this highlights the forward-thinking nature of your scheme and showcases it as the future of city-centre residency.

A great way to get this across to the award’s judges is through testimonials. Your residents have all chosen to live in your building, so there’s a strong likelihood that they enjoy the benefits that come with it. Ask them if they’ll fill in a small testimonial about how exciting and different your scheme is, and include this in your application.

Give sustainability a strong focus

Over the years sustainability has been a big focus for property awards. In an age where city centre growth is increasing at an alarming rate and sustainable building methods are seen as the best way to counteract the effects of global warming, you need to show that you’re trying to make a difference.

Find out what environmentally friendly techniques have been used in the development of your scheme, which can be anything from using timber as the main building material, to using local suppliers to limit the travel pollution that otherwise would have happened.

Oh, and we weren’t joking about using timber as a key building material – buildings worldwide are turning to timber to build sustainably, so that’s what you could be up against.

And that’s it!

If you think you’re on the right side of an award-winning property scheme, then what are you waiting for? Give your scheme the recognition it deserves in 2018.

If you want help with your award submissions, or need to figure out which awards you stand the best chance of winning, get in touch with us at Roland Dransfield to find out how we can support your social media efforts.

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