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in an itty-bitty comms space 

You are an amazing engineer, architect, lawyer, developer, problem solver, (fill in your profession here). But how do you communicate your brilliance on social media sites like Twitter in just 120 characters? 

Let’s face it. The world is a noisy place. Everywhere you look, people are shouting at you to buy their product, read their whitepaper, sign up for their webinar. Without even leaving the house today, you will encounter upwards of 6,000 advertsTheyre everywhere. And with around 6,000 tweets per second, how on earth are you supposed to share your phenomenal cosmic knowledge with the world? 

The answer: you’re not. No one has that much power (sorry Donald). 

Becoming known for delivering must-see content takes time. It takes consistency, persistence and an understanding of value, all delivered in a way that is accessible, interesting and clever. You want to become the acknowledged Grand Vizier of Sustainable Building Materials? It takes years. A couple of tweets aren’t going to dazzle. 

Building a reputation relies, firstly on authenticity. If people think you‘re faking it, your goose is cooked.  

Secondly, it relies on solidprofessional and consistent communication. If you leave big gaps between engaging with your audience, you’ll be forgotten. Likewise, if the quality of your content takes a nosedive, your audience will lose interest 

Thirdlyyou need others to help. Social proof is part of the magic – evidence of “people like me”. But mostly, your network – people that advocate for you and support you in your magical quest to leave the world better than you found it. 

The science of magical communications 

Seems simple. But if it was, everyone would do it. This is where the marvellous marketing magicians step in. The right team brings a combination of market intelligence, client insight, and some hocus pocus to conjure those phenomenal cosmic marketing powers you need. 

If you’re on the lookout for some marketing wizardry, drop Luma a line and we’ll make the magic happen for your business. 

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