Three ways to create content for your property scheme in 2018

content for a property scheme

Throw away your pencil and paper… lets talk about the most up to date ways of creating content for a property scheme in 2018.

With the technology world moving at a very fast pace, there seems to be nothing you can’t do. From getting your property scheme popping up all over google, to showing people round your property that is yet to be built, there are so many in credible ways of getting your scheme noticed.

However, we need to remember that with technology being so advanced, there are millions of other companies being noticed too… so let’s talk tactics.


Have you ever wanted to find some information on a subject and instead of typing a whole sentence, you just type in a key word? We all do it multiple times a day… just typing one or two words into the search bar and before we know it, there’s thousands of search results. That could be your blog on that pops up as a hit, if you use relevant keywords, repeatedly throughout your post.

It’s crucial when creating content for a property scheme in 2018 that these words aren’t just thrown in for the sake of it, but they’re used in the most relevant places throughout your blog. The most important places to have your keywords are:

  • The title
  • Headers and body
  • Meta description
  • URL link

At the end of the day, people aren’t going to be drawn towards your post if the word or phrase they’re looking for isn’t in the title.

Now, don’t start throwing the word in 20 times per paragraph as it’ll become forced and not reader friendly. Whilst it is important to have the keyword used a few times throughout, don’t let your desperation for squeezing the word in as many times as possible, jeopardise the quality and fluidity of the blog itself.

Think of the Meta description as a little insight into what your post is going to address, so this is a perfect opportunity to throw in your magic word! It’s basically like introducing yourself to someone, the first thing you’d tell them is your name. It’s essentially the same idea with your keyword.

The beauty of your URL is that it is completely unique and there isn’t another one the same, so use it! I mean, it would be silly not to have your keyword in there right?!

Alongside keywords, there are other techniques that you should consider using in a blogpost;

  • Making it mobile friendly – so many people will be viewing it from their smartphone, so ensure your blog is designed to cater for mobiles
  • Link Internally – linking to other websites shows the validity of the information you’re providing people with


In this day and age, people would much rather retrieve information from video rather than writing. In fact, 78% of content consumed online is video!

Whilst the art of writing is absolutely wonderful, video is a much more intriguing and engaging form of media. Let’s face it, we’d much rather watch a Q&A than read a Q&A.

People that are following your property scheme will be itching to find out as much information as they can before the enquire about an occupancy, and there are several different ways in which you can use video to give a more interactive insight into the scheme. This could include:

  • Testimonials – The perfect way to reassure people of your quality. Record a video testimonial of someone discussing the character of the scheme. Seeing and hearing the information from someone else other than the company itself is vital in creating a feeling of legitimacy and sincerity
  • Walk throughs – Often, just from reading about your property scheme, people may have difficulty picturing it or fully understanding the plans. A video walk-through is the perfect way to create a clear image in people’s mind of what the result will be
  • Live streaming – This is a reasonably new, but very up to date way of engaging your audience and creating a sense of involvement. People love seeing video footage live as it’s ‘in the moment media’ and gives an example of exactly where things are up to and how the scheme is progressing


Virtual Reality

Well, haven’t we come a long way since film reels. Who’d have thought we’d be able to just stick on a headset and essentially be somewhere that doesn’t exist.

Now think about this, you want people to have a guided tour around the property, but it’s no way near ready to have people on site. This is where VR comes in – you can graphically design the entirety of your building and develop a virtual reality set that allows people to view the property before it’s complete – this helps to get rid of buyers’ uncertainty. You can just give them a headset and put your property scheme on a silver platter for them. It’s a no brainer!


And that’s it!

So, next time you’re creating content for your property scheme, be sure to include tactics that put you a cut above the rest.

If you need help with your own property-related content marketing efforts or would like to discuss other PR and marketing activities, get in touch with us at Roland Dransfield and we’ll be able to help you out.

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