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It’s safe to say the Manchester property market is booming. Every day we’re seeing more and more commercial and residential buildings gracing our skyline, vying for lettings in market that’s continuously saturated.

So, with such a huge number of successful property schemes in Manchester, it’s important to consider how you can get yours noticed. And here’s how…


People tend to get most of their information from social media, so without an online presence you’re missing the opportunity to shares news and updates about your scheme, and to really embed yourself into Manchester. You don’t want to be the neighbour that no one knows.

In this blog, we wanted to take a look at four of our favourite Twitter accounts for property schemes in Manchester. Let’s go!


City Tower

Standing tall amongst the Manchester skyline, City Tower has been a familiar face since the 1960s.

Perhaps our favourite property scheme Twitter, City Tower just gets it right. This Manchester property scheme Twitter account regularly engages with what’s going on in the city by posting Manchester-based news taken from a variety of sources.

It reassures Mancunians that it’s incredibly clued up on what’s going on in and around Manchester and successfully uses their social platform to share this news.

City Tower is also fantastic at engaging with its tenants, making them feel like part of one large community – it’s not often you get a commercial development that makes the effort to support and engage with its tenants on such a scale.

Keep it up City Tower!


No.1 Spinningfields

The most recent addition to Spinningfields, No.1 was straight onto the Twitter hype!

With an impressive 1,543 followers and daily activity, this Manchester property scheme Twitter account engages with its tenants and retweets relevant news from Spinningfields, Manchester and beyond.

Not happy with just having an online presence however, No.1 physically does things to command attention. Take for example the huge red love heart projected on to the side of the building to celebrate Valentine’s Day – this was visible across Manchester and No.1 pushed photos and videos out across social media with the hashtag #HeartOfManchester to gain maximum exposure for both the building and the Twitter account. Very well played!

As the tallest building in Spinningfields, this commercial building definitely stands out from the crowd, in more ways than one.


Windmill Green

Currently under construction, Windmill Green has entered Twitter with a bang! They post regular updates about their scheme using both photos and videos to ensure an eclectic mix of engaging, exciting content.

To back up their social media efforts, Windmill Green has a blog on its website which clues followers in on the benefits of being a part of the Windmill Green family – such as making use of their cycle-friendly station – and to give visitors some hot tips about where to lunch, visit and chill out across Manchester.

Considering the commercial development hasn’t yet reached completion, it has managed to amass nearly 1,000 dedicated followers across Twitter and Instagram, helping to solidify its name as a true landmark in Manchester.


St John’s MCR

With over 2,000 followers, St. John’s is another great example of how Manchester property scheme Twitter accounts are using Twitter before project completion to hit their target market and make sure they’re known across the city.

Owned by Allied London, St John’s neighbourhood is in the process of being completed and is set to be ‘Manchester’s coolest neighbourhood’. Allied London uses its Twitter account to bring communities together through music, culture and living, making it much more than a generic property account.

Its current purpose seems to be celebrating Mancunians and celebrating the great gifts and talents our city has to offer – and we think it’s doing a fantastic job!


And that’s it!

We could have kept going – there are a huge amount of exceptional commercial and residential property accounts using Twitter, but those are just a few of our favourites.

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