Something in the air

Can you feel it? 

We can’t be the only ones who’ve felt, over the past few weeks especially, that business has got its groove on again. Tentative steps have become a self-assured stride as the pace picks up and we return to a familiar state: taking care of business. 

And isn’t this the moment we’ve all been waiting for? Business is back. We are on the move, contracts are being signed, the traffic is jumping and new business is flying through the door. There’s a beat gaining momentum and the pace of business is finally picking up. It’s only been six months, but it feels like years since it’s been here.

And this is taking place across all industries and sectors. Gently at first, and now all at once, we’re back. Tell a friend.

But where do we go from here?

All about action

People are impatient. And they’re demanding more than ever – from businesses as well as wider society. They’re demanding action, not words. They are demanding better politics, better places, better homes, better communities, better opportunities, better accessibility, better inclusivity, better everything you could possibly imagine.

But simply saying all the right things and promising the right promises won’t cut it anymore. People want action. They want change. They want progress. They want it all, and they want it now.

As businesses, it’s our responsibility to take this new energy, this fresh face, this rejuvenated world of business, and be the change people want to see. To answer to our clients, customers, stakeholders, investors, and audiences. To make progress, encourage change, and to just be better.

So, are you ready?

Over the past few months, we’ve spoken in-depth about all the things lockdown afforded us the time to do. From revisiting your business strategy to your brand. From ironing out your mission and vision to revamping your logo.

And this should all have prepared you for this current moment. It’s time to run, ride out the wave, and maximise on this great revival.

Thinking time is over. We’ve had six months to plan, adapt, nitpick, fine tune, rehearse, and practice. It’s time to move. It’s now about doing. 

Our businesses should be poised and ready to spring into action. We are leaner, toned, and raring to go – like sprinters in the blocks. We’re coming off the back of a tough training session, that’s for sure, but wow! does it feel good to be on the move again.

We’ve definitely got our groove on. So much so that this article has its own playlist. Yes folks, a whole article written using song lyrics. Can you spot them?

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