Seven ways the experience of working is being redefined


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We surveyed clients and their residents about their experience of working in the tumultuous year that is 2020.

The great thing is, all those surveyed that had a great internet service at home found they benefitted from working from home. It allowed them to take full advantage of tech and continue delivering for their own business or their employer as they waded through the lockdowns. It allowed them to enjoy seven great things that we all probably didn’t realise we missed out on when working from an office.

  1. You can work when you want

A lot of residents said the flexibility of logging onto work as early or as late as they have wanted for various reasons gives them a greater flexibility, which comes with less stress. They can organise their working day more efficiently around other things in life they have to do – like popping out to visit an elderly relative, do the shopping, go the gym, pick the husband up from work etc. All these little things that allow a better flow in life.

In fact all people surveyed said they work longer hours than they did when they were in the office.

  1. You’re comfortable

This can be a dangerous thing if you’re not disciplined, but most respondents said being comfortable makes them relaxed and therefore both happier and less stressed, which ultimately made them work longer as they enjoyed their work more. So may be not as bad as we thought.

  1. You breathe fresh clean air, all day long

Working from home allows you to pop into the garden or go for a walk in the park over the road so you can take in the lovely winter air. In the office, you would pop out for a sandwich, then get back to you desk. That quick mid-morning or afternoon walk you’re able to fit in boosts your serotonin levels and puts a little spring back in your step to ramp up the day’s productivity.

  1. You can find a meeting room whenever you need it

Although it may be virtual, there is no more waiting for a meeting room to have a meeting. Whilst I personally do miss the physical ones, I’ve got to say myself, I don’t miss the ‘trying to find a room that’s free today arrghh’ experience. But that’s a trade off that I’m not sure about. Personally I really do think that physical meetings bring a different output that you don’t get in a virtual one.

  1. You have clean facilities

Hopefully you believe you do at home… sometimes in the office, this may not be the case and I’m a clean freak personally. So if you’re like me, you’re glad to attend your own clean facilities where only you can go, no one else. Yes, we do not miss those public water closets do we…

  1. Your company can slash energy bills

Yes, your employer, as many have been doing throughout the pandemic, may be working out how they reduce the number of offices they have, or if only one office, how they can reduce the number of employees they require in the office. Their productivity has gone up and you have all been working from home. Hmm, interesting. Let’s see if we can save money on heating, lighting and rent and keep our staff happy working from home.

  1. You never have to queue for lunch

Unless you want to of course. You can make you own nice sandwiches and soup and eat your lunch in the comfort of your own home whilst catching up on the latest Boris fiasco then get back to work.

This is a really big differentiator to some people who work in the cities. It really does give them a better quality of work, life balance and today, with mental well-being, being at the top of every employers priority list, you should never underestimate how important this is for you, your employee and your business.

Remember, you will always be remembered for the things that you do, not the things that you don’t do.

Paul Eaton is chief commercial officer of ClearFibre, part of the Telcom Group. Please get in touch: paul.eaton@clearfibre.ukFollow us on LinkedIn

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